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How to Get from Rome to Venice (and Vice Versa)

In an ideal world, all the things you wanted to see in Italy would be really close to one another and easy to reach quickly, thereby limiting the amount of your precious vacation time you’d be spending in transit. But as the song goes, “you can’t always get what you […]



Free Things to Do in Florence

Even in times when Italy is seeing a downturn in the number of visitors and really craving tourist money, it’s still not what most people would call a cheap vacation destination. This is especially true in the main tourist cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence. But that doesn’t mean everything […]

Italy News Takes a Mini-Vacation

Just a quick note to regular readers and subscribers who get (and have come to expect!) the Sunday news post each week… I’m traveling for a few weekends in a row, so the Italian news posts are on a temporary hiatus. They’ll be back by the middle of August. [ […]

Italy News: 07.19.09

Some news from Italy for your Sunday reading pleasure: If you’re 88 years old, get caught stealing someone’s purse, and have a pickpocketing record going back to the 1970s, I’d say you’re pretty much a professional pickpocket – like this woman in Italy. Will you be in Rome this coming […]

Italy News: 07.12.09

Some news from Italy for your Sunday reading pleasure: Where else but Italy would you find a marathon where the participants are all wearing high heels? The Glamarathon took place in Milan on July 4th – and lest you think there’s some kind of sexist exclusion going on here, there […]