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Italy Travel News 06/21/2010

Italy of yore These photochromes of Italy from 1890-1900 were just uploaded to Flickr by the Library of Congress, & they're simply lovely to look at. Some businesses stop for World Cup play The fact that some businesses come to a grinding halt during the World Cup isn't surprising, but […]

Free Things to Do in Milan

In a country as notoriously expensive to visit as Italy, Milan still stands out as being particularly hard on the bank account. While some destinations in Italy do have what can be considered high and low seasons, others are year-round attractions where prices don’t fluctuate as much. The big three […]

Italy Travel News 06/16/2010

50 Italy Fun Facts Prep for any Italy trivia game with these 50 fun facts about the country we all love. Jailed mobster claims he can prove Amanda Knox is innocent I'm just not sure what to think about this one… An Italian mobster who's currently in prison claims that […]

Italy Travel News 06/15/2010

10 Tourist Mistakes when Visiting Italy Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy has come up with a list of 10 of the bigger mistakes people visiting Italy make – have you made any of these mistakes? Are there any she missed? Galileo’s fingers go on display in Florence museum If […]