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Italy Travel News 08/30/2010

Mushroom hunter “massacre” claims 18 lives in Italy Okay, that title is clearly designed to draw you in, and it works – but there isn't someone out killing mushroom hunters. It's that mushroom hunters have gotten either careless or are trying to be too stealthy for their own good (or […]


Travel to Italy to Watch the Champions League

As the soccer season in Italy is about to get started this weekend, arguably the best soccer tournament anywhere – the Champions League – has already begun. The Champions League for 2010-2011 has three Italian teams among the contenders (sadly, the fourth Italian squad was eliminated in the playoff round). […]

Italy Travel News 08/24/2010

Italian court throws out topless sunbathing complaint A mother of two boys, aged 12 and 14, claimed that the sight of a topless large-breasted woman applying suntan lotion at a beach near Rome "troubled her sons." I can't help but think the boys would have used a different word there. […]

Italy Travel News 08/19/2010

Mobster undone by love of mamma’s cooking When the police are on the hunt for suspected mobsters in Italy, there's no better spot to stake out than Mamma's house. Why? Because sooner or later, every Italian man comes back to Mamma's for the food. Such is the case with one […]