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Italy Travel News 06/28/2011

The Pope Sends His First Tweet, From an iPad Be sure to click through to the link for the video of the Pope learning how to use the iPad, including a clip of him hitting "send" on this tweet. It's linked from the phrase "Or at least he used one […]

Italy Travel News 06/21/2011

More tourists coming to Italy, but spending less Interesting tourism numbers predicted for Italy this summer. No surprise, the top regions are still Tuscany, Veneto, & Lazio. (via @MyMelange on Twitter) italianpostcards on Etsy In case you saw the recent re-run of the Turin episode of House Hunters International and […]

Cheap Hotels in Bari

The beachside city of Bari is Puglia‘s capital, and it’s also a major port city for southern Italy in general. It’s easy enough to see Bari as a passing-through place, but there’s plenty to see and do (especially if it’s water- or beach-related) if you stop and stay awhile.

Italy Travel News 06/19/2011

Italians Deal a Blow to Berlusconi as Referendum Passage Weakens His Grip There have been two recent elections that haven't gone how Berlusconi wanted them to – but he doesn't seem to be acknowledging that he's not in sync with the people. (This, as you may guess, is not shocking.) […]