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600 Years of Glassmaking in Murano in One Family

When I hear about family businesses in their 3rd or 6th generation, I’m impressed. It’s a testament not only to the business itself, but also to the family’s ability to keep younger generations interested in sticking around. The other night at my Italian conversation group, one of our friends said […]

Two Nights, Two Italian Films

The Portland International Film Festival is in town, and this year there was a selection of three Italian films. We chose two to see – E l’aura fai son vir (2005) and Il caimano (2006). E l’aura fai son vir (And the Wind Blows Round) was a quiet film about […]



Needed: English tutors for summer camps in Italy

Looking for a summer job and a way to travel to Italy all rolled into one? Lingue senza Frontiere (Language Without Borders) might be something to consider: We are now looking for summer camp tutors. You should be a native English speaker with a bubbly character, preferably 21 years old […]

Valentine’s Day News Snippets: Ancient Lovers & Erotic Poetry

For this Valentine’s Day post on the Italy Logue, I’ve got some love-related news items for you… First, to satisfy your poetic side, I offer you the tale of two prehistoric lovers, their 5,000-6,000 year old skeletons found embracing one another. They were most likely young lovers, as “their teeth […]



Italian News Snippets: 13 February 2007

There’s more Italian news out there than you can shake a prosciutto at. Veronica Lario, Mrs. Silvio Berlusconi, feels “more at peace” after having publicly asking for an apology from her flirting husband. Berlusconi himself might not feel quite so peaceful after making a comment about gays in Italy. Italian […]