Monthly Archives: March 2007

Eurochocolate festival: Eating Sweet in Perugia

If you’ve ever had a Baci* chocolate – those little chocolate hazelnut treats that come in silver and blue foil and have cute sayings in four languages on a little “fortune” inside – you’ve had chocolate from Perugia. That mouthful of delight, however, is only the beginning of Perugia’s place […]


“Pensa” by Fabrizio Moro – Song Lyrics Translated to English

When the husband and I were listening to and reading about the song which won the Sanremo Song Festival this year, “Ti regalerò una rosa,” the husband did a bit more investigating and found the song which won Sanremo’s young songwriter’s competition. Like “Ti regalerò una rosa,” “Pensa” by Fabrizio […]



“Ti regalerò una rosa” – Song Lyrics Translated to English

With a little help from my friend Alessandro, here are the lyrics to this year’s Sanremo Song Festival winner, “Ti regalerò una rosa” by Simone Cristicchi. According to Alessandro, not only is the song about the plight of the insane in Italy’s mental hospitals, but some of the lyrics are […]


Thirsty in Italy? Belly Up to the Blog.

As I was browsing my Italy news feeds this morning, a pattern began to emerge… So rather than fight it, I’m giving in to it. I give you today’s collection of news bits, all having to do with beverages. First of all, we have a wonderful explanation of why Italians […]