Monthly Archives: May 2007


Happy Hour in Italy Makes Your Money Go Further

Americans are generally quite familiar with the idea of Happy Hour. It’s usually a great thing – you get huge portions of good food for pennies on the dollar, as long as you buy a drink. Which, after many an American workday, is a much needed thing anyway. Happy Hour […]


Naples Streets Full of Burning Garbage

Anyone traveling to Naples right now should be warned – the streets are full of garbage. While strikes are common in Italy, the garbage collectors have stopped taking away the garbage not because of a labor issue but because “they have nowhere to take it.” The Campania region has been […]


What is your favorite Italian museum?

It’s the “What’s your favorite Italian museum” poll! Italy is full of museums, and most people who have visited the country have a favorite – even if they’re not museum people generally. There’s just something about having fulfilled that lifelong dream of seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or […]