Yearly Archives: 2009

Budget Airlines that Fly to Milan

Personally, I love Milan – but I don’t even recommend it in my itinerary for first time visitors. Still, because Milan has one of the main international airports in Italy, it has become a popular entry point for the country – and because it’s also a major rail hub, it’s […]

Save Money with Budget Airlines that Fly to Italy

For years, one of the most frustrating things for Italy lovers who live in North America has been the high cost of airfare from even big hub departure points. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind it, but flights to Italy are routinely more expensive than flights to Paris, London, or […]

“Miss Expatria” by Christine Cantera – Italy Book Review

I can’t even remember now how I first came across the Miss Expatria blog, or how I first got in touch with its author, Christine Cantera. But somehow we “clicked” over the interwebs (no pun intended, really), and I was thrilled to finally get to meet her in her favorite […]

Florence Hotels With a View of the River: Getting “A Room With a View” in Florence

I took advantage of a lazy Sunday recently to watch a movie I’d never seen before – the Merchant-Ivory adaptation of E.M. Forster’s classic novel, “A Room With a View.” Those familiar with the story will know that it takes place partly in Florence, and the name of the book […]

7 Best Destinations for a Honeymoon in Italy

When I was planning my first trip to Italy, my then-fiance and I toyed briefly with the idea of eloping while we were there. After a quick perusal of a few websites and books, it became clear that putting the words “Italy” and “eloping” into the same sentence wasn’t going […]

Italy Featured Prominently on Conde Nast Traveler 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards

The 2009 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards has come out, and – as in years past – Italy is featured pretty prominently in several relevant categories. I’ve gone through the various categories and pulled out the Italy-related results here – because, really, do we care about anything other than […]