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10 Movie Locations in Italy You Can Visit

While many movies these days are filmed on Hollywood sets or in front of green screens and full of fantastic animation, there’s nothing that can quite compare with a stunning – and real – Italy backdrop. So if you’re wondering where some of your favorite movies were filmed, here are […]

Cheap Hotels in Trieste

The area of Italy that includes and surrounds Trieste has changed hands so many times that many people who grew up around here speak a couple languages. Trieste itself is a beautiful port city in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region that’s almost in Slovenia. It is sometimes a stop for cruise […]

Cheap Hotels in Perugia

Tuscany may get most of the press, but the hilltop city of Perugia in Umbria has long been a magnet for visitors. In fact, it’s one of the top destinations for students learning Italian, as there’s a famous university in the city. Perugia is also home to a world-famous chocolate […]

Cheap Hotels in Genoa

Genoa may not be as overrun with tourists as the Cinque Terre towns further down the Ligurian coast, but perhaps that’s just because Genoa is a large enough city that it can accommodate the influx. It’s a port city (and sometimes a stop for cruise ships), and it’s in this […]

Cheap Hotels in Turin

Turin played host to the Olympic Winter Games in 2006, but the city is home to one of the Catholic church’s most treasured relics – so it’s been a destination for religious pilgrims and the curious alike for quite a long time. In addition to the Shroud of Turin, however, […]