Mother’s Day in Italy


It’s Mother’s Day here in the US, and it’s also Mother’s Day in Italy. Here’s an Italian account of how it’s celebrated in Italy:

Children usually buy presents for their mothers. Flowers are a very popoular [sic] present on this day, a lunch [sic] of flowers, usually roses or plants with flowers. At midday people usually eat all together to celebrate their mother. We usually have a big dinner: stuffed pasta, meat and for dessert a heart shaped cake. There are a lot of them in pastry shops. We love them. After dinner we are free to play or to go out with our friends. On this day, mother is a special guest. Everyone helps her and she doesn’t work for a day, at least! Then she opens her presents and she’s very happy!

Something tells me that even on a day when Italian mothers are “a special guest” they’re probably still doing the dishes or something. That is, if they’re anything like the mothers I’m familiar with. At any rate, Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and to moms everywhere.




Photo by: Lorenzoclick