Hotels in Venice: How to Find Where to Stay

With the vast majority of the bodies crowding St. Mark’s Square every day being tourists, it’s probably not surprising that there are more hotels in Venice than you can imagine – with more popping up every day.

In order to help you find the perfect hotel in Venice, therefore, I’ve written a few posts about Venice hotels – and there are more to come! Check out these posts to see if they might be what you’re looking for, and let me know if you don’t see what you want here.

And if you want to search through the Venice hotels we’ve got listed on WhyGo Italy, you can narrow your search by the dates you’ll be visiting and get results from several different booking sites with one click – just go to the Venice hotels page and enter your travel dates.

6 thoughts on “Hotels in Venice: How to Find Where to Stay

  • Areej Daoud

    Hello Jessica!
    I think I’ve read pretty much 80% of your posts, they are truely remarkable and I feel as though I already know all the places I’m planning on visiting, & the way you described everything in detail was so helpful, now i know exactly what to expect! Thank u so much for that ur heaven-sent, i’m so glad i found your website. It’s fabulous!
    Anyway, now that i’ve read all i want to know about the places I’m planning on visiting in June, I’ve starting searching for hotel options to make reservations! its so confusing with all the options out there, me & my husband (i’m 26 & he’s 30) were planning on booking the one of the romantic hotels for venice but after checking them out they r a bit on the more expensive side, so I’m still searching. I just wanted to ask u something, I have an Italian friend who highly recommended we stay in Dorsoduro while in venice, he said we ‘must’ stay there! is it that much nicer than staying around the St. Mark’s square because i noticed that there r more options around there than Dorsoduro. but if its so worth it then i’ll find something there. I just wanted to take your opinion & see what u think.
    Thanks a million 🙂

    • Jessica Post author

      Venice hotels are expensive, that’s absolutely true. Staying around St. Mark’s Square is really popular, so those hotels are sometimes more expensive. Picking a hotel that’s not right near the square or on the Grand Canal (or next to some other major landmark) can sometimes help you save money. As for the Dorsoduro, I like it – but not necessarily any more than the other districts. The main thing (to me) is finding a place that’s in your budget – because Venice is so small, you’ll be able to walk anywhere you want to go on the islands (as long as you’re not staying on the Lido or the Giudecca, or any of the other islands that aren’t connected by bridges!).

  • Aekta

    Hi Jessica,

    I am travelling to Venice in June and will be there for 2 days,Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.I am really confused where to stay.I have a flight from Marco Polo Airport to catch on Sunday evening.Please advice where to stay.I am on a budgeted stay and can afford opto 60 euros a night,max.

  • Greg Donaldson

    Hey Jessica,

    My wife and I will be travelling to Venice in August. I read your article about the hotels in Venice and just had a quick question. Have you stayed in all of the hotels your recommended? Before I read your article we were planning on staying in the Hilton Molino Stucky but the Hotel Canal caught my eye. It’s really important to me that the hotel is clean and has excellent service. My wife is a bit of a self-admitted hotel snob and staying in a hotel that’s not immaculate wouldn’t be the best start to our vacation. Any thoughts?



  • Gretchen Jordan

    Please add B&B Alla Vigna to your budget hotels in Venice! My husband and I stayed there in March (with our 3 mo old baby) and it was an amazing gem, we dream of going back there! It was a very short walk from the water bus stop (no need for an expensive taxi), in a quiet part of town near San Francesco church, and a short (albeit a little confusing) walk to St Mark’s. The rooms and bathrooms are beautiful, breakfast was delicious, staff very friendly and hospitable, our room overlooked a canal and the little church…I can’t say enough good things about it!

  • Debbie

    Jessica, I have truly enjoyed reading all of your information on Italy! I really am overwhelmed! My cousin and I are planning a trip for her 60th birthday. We don’t want to do a tour. Our family roots are in Fondi (a little south of Rome) and Padua. Our last (maiden) name being Paduano. I was thinking of flying into Naples and working our way up to Padua, Venice, flying out of Milan or perhaps Venice now that I see your two week Itinerary. We don’t want to rush, because we want to flavor. Any suggestions for us? Should we fly into Rome? She wants to also do Tuscany. I need help, not sure we can flavor without rushing after seeing your itinerary. Any suggestions would be very helpful as she has never travelled and I have mostly cruised or have done the Carribean. Thanks again!

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