How to Get from Naples to Sorrento (and Vice Versa)

sorrentoportHowever much I might advocate for staying at least a couple nights in Naples before you head for points more coastal or island-y, I know that Naples probably isn’t for everyone. I also know that even if you’re taking my advice and staying in the city for a few days you’re probably going to need a sunny break.

Either way, the good news is that getting from Naples to Sorrento is quick and easy. So quick and easy, in fact, that it’s possible to do something as seemingly frivolous as zip to Sorrento for lunch. I know, because that’s what I did one day. It seriously felt like I should be saying, “Oh, I’m having lunch in Sorrento” with an aristocratic accent while sipping a fancy cocktail and sitting on my private yacht…

Luckily, you don’t have to be rich or elegant or famous to pop over to Sorrento from Naples for lunch.

While it’s not technically part of the renowned Amalfi Coast, Sorrento has many of the same perks and it’s a much quicker journey from Naples to Sorrento than it would be from Naples to Amalfi or Positano. The two easiest transportation options are rail and boat, but in my opinion one of those wins clearly over the other. Read on to find out which method of transport I’d recommend.

>> Spending the night in Sorrento? Here are some cheap hotels in Sorrento, and some Sorrento hostels for the more budget-minded.

Taking the Train from Naples to Sorrento

circumvesuviana1Sorrento might feel like a sun-soaked island paradise when you’re there, but it’s very much on the Italian mainland – and so therefore easily reached by the Circumvesuviana train which runs from Naples along the coast. Between Naples and Sorrento (depending on the train you choose), stops include Herculaneum and Pompeii, as well as several other coastal towns.

Trains from Naples to Sorrento leave from the main station (Stazione Napoli Centrale on Piazza Garibaldi) about every half-hour between 06:00 and 23:00 every day, and the journey can take between 45 minutes and 1.25 hours (again, depending on the train). If you want the quicker trip, trains marked “direttissimo” are quicker than the “diretto” trains because they make fewer stops along the way. Also note that the part of Napoli Centrale that’s dedicated to the Circumvesuviana is downstairs from the regular trains.

You can buy tickets for the Circumvesuviana from a ticket booth or an automated machine, and a simple one-way ticket will cost you less than €4. If you’re making a day-trip of it and will be returning to Naples later on the same day, ask at the ticket booth about buying a ticket that’s basically a day-long pass which will allow you to return to Naples anytime before midnight. It’s more than the one-way ticket, but less than buying two separate one-way tickets would be (around €7 as of this writing). And if you’ve bought the ArteCard Campania for your stay, it includes transportation on the train.

While taking the train to Sorrento from Naples is probably the cheapest option, it’s not the one I’d recommend. The Circumvesuviana train features in so many stories of tourists getting their pockets picked that even if only half of them are true, it’s still an alarmingly high number of pickpockets who frequent those trains. If you do opt for the train, just make sure you’re wearing your money belt in a secure way (because you’re a smart traveler and have one, right?) and that you’re paying special attention to your bags and belongings.

The Circumvesuviana website isn’t the most helpful on earth, but if you’re dying to see it it’s here.

Taking a Boat from Naples to Sorrento

sorrento_alilauroIt’s not just because the Circumvesuviana train is notorious for pickpockets that I recommend taking a boat from Naples to Sorrento instead. It’s also because it’s faster and a great way to get a view of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius from the water. Taking the trip via the water is more expensive than going by train, but it’s probably not prohibitively expensive for most travelers – and you have a couple options when it comes to water transport.



  • alilauroAlilauro Hydrofoil – The hydrofoil is probably your fastest option from Naples to Sorrento. Hydrofoils are operated by Alilauro and depart from the pier called Moro Beverello in Naples near the Piazza Municipio. The trip will take roughly 40 minutes one-way and a one-way ticket will cost €11. Buying a round-trip ticket won’t save you any money, as they’re €22.

    Hydrofoils run regularly back and forth from Naples to Sorrento, but make sure you know the schedule (it changes depending on the season) so that you don’t miss the last one. The only bummer about the hydrofoil is that because it’s moving so quickly they won’t let you go outside during the trip. You can see the city and the mountain from the windows, but it’s not ideal for picture-taking. It can also be a choppy ride, so if you’re prone to seasickness you might want to choose the smoother-moving option listed below.

    >> Alilauro website

  • metrodelmareMetro del Mare – There are metro systems on land, why not one on the water? Sadly, this sea-going “subway” isn’t made up of submarines, or it would officially be the coolest metro system on earth. Instead, it’s a series of ferries which stop at most of the ports along the coast as if they’re stops on a subway route.

    The Metro del Mare route starts further up the coast from Naples and stretches all the way down the Amalfi Coast to Sapri, so your first task is to make sure the boat you’re getting on in Naples goes to Sorrento and doesn’t bypass it for the Amalfi or go straight to Capri. The lines which connect Sorrento with Naples are the MM1, MM2, MM3, and MM7. The MM1 stops at every city along the route, the MM2 and MM7 stop at a few of the cities, and the MM3 stops at only one before Sorrento – so if you want the fastest trip, the MM3 is the one to choose.

    The frequency of the Metro del Mare boats changes with the season (they’re more frequent during the high season), so check the schedule when you’re there. The different lines also stop at both the Molo Beverello and Mergellina piers at different times, so that’s another thing to pay attention to. Depending on the line you choose, the trip could take between 35 minutes and 2 hours, and a ticket for one journey will cost €6.50.

    >> Metro del Mare website

sorrentobusWith any of these, you’ll have to either hike up the hill to Sorrento’s city center, pay for a taxi (they’re plentiful around the pier but can be overly expensive), or take the bus. Buses don’t run as frequently as you think they should, and the short ride one-way will cost you €2. If you’re both lazy and a penny-pincher, I recommend taking the bus on the way up and walking back down!


Taking the Bus from Naples to Sorrento

If you’re flying into the Naples Airport, bypassing Naples entirely, and want to get directly to Sorrento, there’s a coach service that goes from the airport to Sorrento. It’s provided by Curreri, and it’s €10 one-way. It’s about a 1.25-hour trip, and runs every day (though the frequency and departure times vary with the season). The Curreri website is here.

If you’re not flying into Naples, however, getting from Naples to Sorrento by bus is kind of impossible. I mean, you could do something like take a bus from Naples to Amalfi or Positano and then catch a bus from there to Sorrento, but that’s no way to spend a day. So unless you’re close to the airport and can get one of the Curreri coaches straight to Sorrento, scroll back up the page and catch the train or a boat instead.

Driving from Naples to Sorrento

naples_sorrento_carYou might think that driving along a coastline like the Bay of Naples would be fun and picturesque, and in some places that’s true. But the roughly 50km (30mi) trip is primarily on highways that are further inland (so you’re not really winding along coastal roads) and notoriously busy (so you’re likely to be stuck in traffic). It doesn’t look like a long trip on paper, but it’s a little unpredictable how long it’ll take – especially on weekends in the summer when it’s not just the tourists who are headed for the beaches but the locals as well.

To drive to Sorrento from Naples you’ll take the A3 motorway (a toll road) in the direction of “Salerno-Reggio Calabria” until you get to the exit for “Castellammare di Stabia.” This is when the drive will start to get pretty and potentially very frustrating, because you’ll be winding your way along the “Statale 145” peninsula road (also known as “La Sorrentina”) following signs to Sorrento.

There are several parking areas in Sorrento, all of which will cost you varying amounts, so you might not want to pull into the first one you see. If you’re staying the night in Sorrento, ask the folks at your hotel whether they have a recommendation of a parking area to use (and if they’ve got a dedicated parking area, even better). And don’t forget to read up on how to drive in Italy before you hit the road.

Now that you’re in Sorrento…

You might find this information helpful for your Sorrento visit.

  • Here’s my Sorrento travel guide.
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  • On more of a budget? Try checking out the apartment rentals or hostels in Sorrento – an apartment is especially great if you’ve got a group or family traveling together.

photos: top photo, Alilauro boat photo, & Sorrento bus photo by Jessica Spiegel & may not be used without permission; Circumvesuviana photo by foxypar4

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  • Nahla Hanna

    Hello Jessica – your website is most informative and interesting to read.
    My brother and I are on a 2 week trip to Italy ( celebrating his 50th bd)
    we are planning to visit the Amalfi – arriving in Naples on Sept 14th AM and departing on the 16th in the afternoon. What do you think is the best thing to do in order to maximize our time.. we want to visit Sorrento and Positano…
    Should we spend the 2 nights in Naples and travel for day trips? or stay in Sorrento or Positano?
    Any suggestions for itinerary and also accomodation would be appreciated..
    thanks for your time

    • Jessica Post author

      Hi, Nahla:

      If your primary goals in the area are visiting towns on the Amalfi Coast and other places along the coastal area, I’d say it’s better to stay in one of the towns on the coast rather than in Naples. Pick a town that’s relatively central, and still has good transportation connections – boats and buses – so you’ll have easy access to day trips and getting in and out.


  • Meredith

    Hi. Thanks for the info. Can you tell me the location of the drop off spot for the Curreri in Sorrento?

    • Jessica Post author

      The Curreri website doesn’t list exact locations for the drop off spots, but Sorrento is very small – it won’t be hard to get around when you get dropped off. 🙂

  • paul

    Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for such a wonderful resource. I’m planning a first time visit for a week somewhere along the Amalfi coast. Sorrento looks pricey, but it does have the trains (we won’t have wheels). Any other towns worth considering as an alternative base to visit the sights?
    Thanks again

    • Jessica Post author

      Hi, Paul:

      I think most of the Amalfi is on the expensive side, so I don’t know how much variation you’re going to find price-wise, but up and down the Amalfi the towns without train stations are served by buses that run up and down the coast. If I were you, I’d look at the various day trips you’re interested in and pick something relatively central (and that has good bus and boat service) so you’re within easy reach of all you want to do.


  • john low


    Your post was fun to read (I like your sense of humor) and interesting even for someone not Amalfi Coast bound. But I’m going there next week and your info is most helpful.


  • Lisa

    Hi Jessica

    I’m travelling to Italy in July and need to get from Foggia to Sorrento. We`are 4 adukts and 2 small children under 6. What do you reccommend as the best way to do this.
    I’ve been looking for a direct train/bus online but can’t find one. Do you know of one?


    • Jessica Post author

      I would think that the train would be your best bet, since it’s not a huge distance, but you’d have to look up specific schedules on the Trenitalia site to see what your options are. There’s a Trenitalia link and other train travel information on this page:

      I’m not surprised that there isn’t a direct route between Foggia and Sorrento – you might have to look up Foggia to Naples, and then use the information above to get from Naples to Sorrento.

  • Karen

    This is all really helpful. My boyfriend and I are off to Amalfi Coast soon and have booked a hotel in Ravello. We are quite happy to make a day of it getting there, having lunch and admiring the views on the way. Is it best to get to Sorrento and then bus from there? Some things I have read say to get the train to Salerno but it looks like this is further away on the map so we’d be going back on ourselves. My first thought was to get the boat to Sorrento, have lunch and then bus to Ravello. Any advice?

    • Jessica Post author

      Yes, once you reach Sorrento you’ll take a bus to Ravello – it’s likely you’ll take a bus to Amalfi and then switch to a separate bus that goes up the hill to Ravello, but the bus is your only option if you’re not planning to drive your own car. Whether you get to Sorrento by train or boat depends on your schedule and budget – the train is cheaper, but the boat is often quicker.

  • Linda Deering

    Hi Jessica,
    Our family will be in Sorrento and we wanted to rent a 9 pass vehicle to drive the coast to cross over to Sicily. The car company states they dont have that vehicle in Sorrento and we would have to go to Naples AP to pick it up??? Dont really want to waiste time going North to head back south?? Any suggestions??? Please email me. I am not a twitter and not much of FBooker either!


    • Jessica Post author

      How are you getting to Sorrento in the first place, Linda? I’d check with whatever city you’ll be in before arriving in Sorrento to see what kinds of vehicles they have available. Otherwise, I don’t know what your alternatives would be other than going to where the vehicle is that you need. You could try Salerno, as it’s south of the Amalfi Coast, but I don’t know that they’d have anything that large, either.

  • Amanda

    Hi Jessica,

    I will be visiting Italy as part of a vacation tour that starts and ends in Rome. Because of an excursion that I want to do in Rome and the specified date/time of the excursion, I to return to Rome a the day before the tour’s return date. What is the best way to get from Sorrento to Rome. It appears from all that I have read, I’ll need travel by way of Naples. I will be traveling by myself with luggage so the write ups about the trains is a little intimidating with the pickpockets. Read about two coach bus services and – would either of these be an option for me? Would appreciate any suggestions you may have as I really want to do the excursion which is not part of the vacation package.

    • Jessica Post author

      As long as you’re careful with your belongings (don’t leave purses open and unattended, etc.) the trains are fine. You can ride the slow Circumvesuviana from Sorrento to Naples, then go up the stairs from that station to the main train station in Naples (it’s the same building, just on a different floor) to get a high-speed train to Rome.

      I’ve never taken the coach services you’re mentioning, so I can’t speak to what they’re like – but I did take the train route I mentioned above when I was traveling by myself with luggage, and I was fine. Just don’t overpack – you don’t want to be hauling two big suitcases around anyway, that’s no fun! With one bag and one carry-on bag, you shouldn’t have any problems.

  • Sharon

    Wow – this website is great. I am planning a trip to Italy in May with my family (7 of us). We are flying into Milan and leaving out of Rome and will be renting a 9 passenger people mover to get around. We will be driving from Sorrento to Rome to spend the last few days of our trip at an apartment near the Colosseum in Rome. I have been reading about the restricted driving areas in Rome and trying to decide if we should turn our van in when we get to Rome rather than turning it in at the airport when we leave. The cost of transporting us all the the airport will be greater than keeping the van but I am worried about finding a secure car park. We need to transport some of our group to the airport for a 6:45 am flight and the train doesn’t run earlier enough for that option and the taxi’s are very expensive. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Leslie Ross

    We are traveling to Sorrento in October. What would be the best way to go from Sorrento to Naples to catch an early morning train (approx. 7am)? There will be 5 of us. I was thinking it might be easier to just go by taxi at such an early hour. Any thoughts? other than overnighting in Naples since the other 4 in the group don’t want to do that. Thanks for any advice.

    • Jessica Post author

      If you look at the “bus” section above, you’ll notice that the only regular bus transport between Naples & Sorrento is actually to the Naples Airport. You can catch a bus in Sorrento at 6:30am that will have you at the Naples Airport at 8am. Check on the prices of that for 5 people, and then ask your Sorrento hotel how much a taxi from the hotel to the airport would cost (if you can get one taxi for all 5 of you, that might be cheaper – but you’d need to ask).

  • lynda

    Can you tell me what time the last ferry or hydrofoil leaves Naples port? My clients arrive into Naples by train at 5pm and need to get to Sorrento that evening, July 20. They would prefer a ferry to taking a train.

  • marianne

    Hi, I am wondering the best/fastest way to get to Naples from Sorrento- I will be staying in Sorrento and need to be in Naples the next morning by 10 am to catch a train. This will be mid week. Thx in advance. Marianne

    • Jessica Post author

      The options for getting from Sorrento to Naples are the same as the ones listed above – you’ll just have to click on the various links to see what the schedules are leaving Sorrento for the specific day you’re traveling. It looks like the Circumvesuviana trains get going bright and early – 5am in the summer – so that might be your best bet (it’s about 50 minutes to the central station in Naples).

  • julian

    Hello Jessica,
    I’m intending to take Alilauro hydrofoil from Naples Beverello to Sorrento and will need to get a bus from Capodichino to the port to make the connection but I cannot find any information about how long this will take? Flight lands at 11.45am Italian time and Alilauro hydrofoil leaves the port at 13.00 hours – will I make it? Are you able to advise please? Thank you. Jules

    • Jessica Post author

      The airport is very close to the city center – when I got a taxi from my hotel (near the train station) to the airport on my last trip, it was a 15-minute trip at most. The wild card when you’re arriving is customs. Assuming that goes quickly, you may just get there in time – otherwise, I’d look at the next available boat (the boat at 15:00 would be easy). I’d suggest just getting to the port as soon as you can, & getting tickets for the next boat then – that way you’re not purchasing tickets in advance & then hoping you make a certain boat.

      • julian

        Ciao Jessica,

        A brilliantly informative site and thank you so much for your prompt reply. We shall do exactly as you suggest; my partner is now a little concerned about the pickpocketing on the circumvesuviana, so the hydrofoil seems far more civilised.
        ciao, ciao, Julian

        • Jessica Post author

          If you’re aware of your surroundings & not an easy target, you’re far less likely to have trouble with pickpocketing. I’ve ridden the Circumvesuviana several times & never had an issue. But the hydrofoil is certainly fun. 🙂

  • Graham Miles

    Hello Jessica,
    Could you let us know a timetable & cost for the boats leaving from Sorrento for Naples on October 24.
    Thanks, ciao,

    • Jessica Post author

      After looking on the Alilauro website (linked in the article above), it looks like the schedule for after September 15 isn’t yet online. There have been fall schedules posted in past years, so it’s likely that it will be posted eventually, but I don’t know when. I’d suggest either contacting Alilauro directly (from their website) or checking again in another few weeks. In the meantime, you can get an idea of the timetables using that same link (costs are listed in the article above).

  • Ross Stornello

    Your article is great. Very informative. I think you have us convinced that the ferry is the best way to get from Naples to Sorrento. We are arriving Naples from Florence via hi-speed train. Would our best bet be to take a cab to the Metro di Mare dock? Can we buy tickets to Sorrento on the dock? I think we would want to take the MM3.
    Thanks for your help,

    • Jessica Post author

      Yes, I would recommend taking a taxi from the train station to the dock – and yes, you can buy tickets at the big kiosks near the dock.

  • Gerry

    Hi Jessica,
    can you advise if its possible to do Capri & Sorrento in 1 day by yourself. I arrive by cruise ship on 6th.Oct, ship arrive Naples at 7am and departs 7pm same day. Do you think it would be fesible to do that trip by public transport, trains/ferries ?
    Hope you can me. Thanks.

    • Jessica Post author

      You’ll need to look up the hydrofoil schedules from Naples-Sorrento and then from Sorrento-Capri to see if they would sync up in such a way that would make that trip work. There are links in the article above for the ferry & hydrofoil companies (the hydrofoils are faster, that’s why I suggest them), and some general information about the duration of a Sorrento-Capri trip here:

  • Jen

    Do you know if any ferries will be running on Nov 20? I am taking a cruise which docks in Naples on Nov 20 at 7 am and would like to briefly visit Amalfi (I really just want to see the coastline and maybe have a quick lunch in Amalfi). I would also like to see Herculaneum. We are docked until 7 pm. What do you suggest? Thank you so much.

    • Jessica Post author

      I’d suggest looking at the boat schedules from Naples-Amalfi or Naples-Positano to begin with, since those are the bigger questions. By November, the boats along the Amalfi may not even be running, but the larger hydrofoils and ferries to/from Naples are still in operation – you’d just need to check the schedules to figure out whether you’d have time to do both a visit to the Amalfi Coast and a trip to Herculaneum.

      In this article about getting around on the Amalfi Coast, there’s a section on taking boats – in that section, there are links to the various boat companies that operate along the coast. Check those links to find out what their schedules are:

      In this article, you’ll learn about visiting Pompeii & Herculaneum from Naples (if you want to skip Pompeii, that’s fine – Herculaneum is closer to Naples and a smaller site, so it would be a quicker trip):

  • Jen

    Thank you so much for your help. I am having trouble understanding the Italian websites even with Google translator. It looks like Metro del Mare is running at that time of the year, but I’m not positive. Maybe I’ll just stick to the SITA bus since I know it will be running.

  • Tiffany

    What advice do you have for women traveling alone in Italy? I want to go to Sorrento and visit the surrounding area from there.

    • Jessica Post author

      I need to write some articles about travel safety in Italy, because I get this kind of question & I don’t have anything on the site about it yet. In general, I’d say the same rules apply in Italy as in most other Western European countries – be aware of your surroundings, don’t go into unfamiliar areas at night (unless you KNOW they’re safe), wear a cross-body purse, leave valuables at the hotel (or at home), etc. I’d feel pretty safe about being a solo woman in Sorrento & on the Amalfi Coast.

      When I first visited Naples I was traveling solo, & to feel safer about a city I didn’t yet know I ate early – at the tourist hour, before 8pm! – and then spent the later evenings in my hotel. It meant I had to skip out on the lively-sounding nightlife, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Now that I know the city better, I’d be more comfortable staying out later – but the bottom line is that you need to be comfortable with YOUR experience, not mine. So if eating early and then relaxing for the evening in your hotel is the thing that makes you feel safer, then do that. This is even easier to do if your hotel has a nice lounge, or some kind of bar/restaurant that has a nice view. You don’t feel cooped up that way.

  • Mark Dutton


    Is there anyway of getting from Naples to Sorrento very late in the evening, say midnight?


    • Jessica Post author

      From what I can tell, public transport options (bus, boat, train) don’t run that late to Sorrento. If you’re planning to go back that late, you’d probably need to have a car at your disposal (either renting your own or hiring a driver).

  • Sheila

    What a wonderful site! Thanks.
    Now, here are the questions: On April 1, 2012 (a Sunday) a friend and I (both females of a certain age) arrive in Naples airport at 10:15pm and the next day will go to Praino. Should we overnight at a hotel near the airport and then, return to the airport the next morning to get a bus to Sorrento and then, another one to Praino or stay at a hotel near the train station, take a train to Sorrento the next morning and then, a bus to Praino? Or, are there other options? I haven’t looked at the boat possibilities, assuming that at that time of year, the options could be limited.

    Again, many thanks.


    • Jessica Post author

      With an arrival that late, yes – I’d stay the night in Naples and then plan to go to Praiano the following morning. The airport itself is so close to the city that there aren’t really “airport hotels” as there are in many places – so I’d just pick a hotel that’s relatively near the train station so you can get a train to Sorrento in the morning.

      The area right around the train station isn’t pretty, and it’s not a place you want to spend much time or leave valuables unattended, so I’m not sure I’d suggest staying RIGHT there… You can pick a hotel that’s basically in the city center and just plan to take a taxi from the hotel to the station in the morning (no need to go back to the airport). Here are some options in the city center that are probably a 15-euro or so taxi ride from the station:

      In early April, yes – the boats may not all be on their normal schedules yet. You may, however, be able to get a boat from Naples to Sorrento, and then take a bus to Praiano from there. The boats that leave from Naples are more sturdy than the ones that pop from Amalfi Coast town to town, so they run year-round on limited schedules.

  • Lisa

    Hi Jessica,

    Your website has been most informative…I am planning to visit Italy this May (2012)….Would like to know if you have any suggestions on reasonable accomodation. We are two adults + 2children..
    We plan to do Rome, Pisa & Florence….Then move on to Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Positano and Sicily… Any advice ???

    • Jessica Post author

      I have various articles on hotels in different cities – if you look under the “related posts” heading on the right-hand side of any city page, you’ll see links to other articles, often including articles about hotels. They’re usually hotels near a monument or attraction, since that’s what most people are looking for. 🙂

      Here’s the Rome page:

      So you’ll see on the right there’s a “Budget Hotels Near the Colosseum” article at the top of that list. Click the “See More” link to see all the Rome-related articles, including more hotel articles.

      Most of the other destination pages – Pisa, Florence, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Sicily – have hotel articles, too. That should help your search!

      Also, depending on how long you’re staying in each place, you might consider an apartment rental – for a family, it’s often a great alternative to getting a big hotel room, & you can also stay in one place longer and do day trips (if your itinerary works out that way):

  • Jozef

    hi Jessica ,

    great web!!

    Question regarding boat Sorrento – Napoli with Metro del Mare we like to travel with in April 2012.
    Not running anymore ???
    Only the fast one Alilauro? It is hard to discover , can you help ?

    best reg Joop

    • Jessica Post author

      The Metro del Mare doesn’t run year-round – it usually starts up sometime in April or May and shuts down in September or October (it usually depends on the weather). So it may be that it’s not yet running when you’ll be visiting in April.

  • Jeremy Thompson

    Hi Jessica, thanks for the great post and information. I am getting married in June and we are flying into and out of Rome for our honeymoon. We want to head directly to the almalfi coast once we get to Rome. What is the best way? We are looking at staying in Sorrento or Positano. Which do you think is a better choice. We don’t know very much and it seems difficult to get good advice.



  • Trevor Gill

    Arriving in Naples via Cruise ship. Want to go to Capri. how far is it from cruise terminal to Ferry departure point. Also how far from cruise terminal to nearest rail station for train to Sorento.
    any help greatly appreciated

  • Mary

    Great website!! We also will be on a cruise that includes Naples. Any suggestions for feasible and reasonable options to do on our own. If possible, we would like to do the Amalfi Coast tour but tour prices from Naples are very expensive. More interested in small towns rather than large cities, prefer scenery and shopping over buildings, ancient ruins, etc. Thank you!

  • Sid Bernstein


    Great website. My wife and I would like to visit the Amalfi coast in Sept. Would also like one day trips to Capri and Pompii. Coming from middle east and no direct flights to Naples. Therefore, we must stop in Rome, which I wouldn”t mind avoiding and then I guess to Naples. Where would be the best place to base to do day trips. Time not a problem. Also should I rent a car or can I do either on my own and or tours.

  • Robert Owen

    I am travelling on the 3rd August arr. airport 09:45 and returning 06th August 17:00 . I think the Metro del Mare is closed until September is this correct, I am also finding it very hard to find a Naples-Sorrento travel schedule for the Hydrofoil. I have been to the website, and their on-line booking gives me an error for my dates

  • Beth

    Hi Jessica,
    Just a quick question . . . we are taking the train next week from Rome to Naples and hoping to take the hydrofoil to Sorrento. What is the best way to get from the train station to the port? Is it far? Also, I see on the Alilauro website that there are three different Naples stops mentioned. Beverello seems to be the one that goes to Sorrento. I know we will be tired and I just don’t want to mess this part of the trip up! Any info would be helpful. Thanks for all that you have written.

  • lynn

    Hi Jessica,
    I’m so excited about my first trip to Italy that I just can’t get enough of your amazing website! For the last week of my trip I just want to be a beach bum though and I don’t want to have to work at getting to the beach. Where can I stay that I can get out of bed and walk to a good beach? Every time I think that I’ve found the perfect accommodations I google map street view and find that the beach is full of boats. I would love to be in or near Sorrento. Also, my trip is in early May 2013. How’s the weather for swimming then? Thanks, Lynn

  • Alisha

    Hi Jessica..your site is really’ve provided details i cant comprehend even from the transport websites itself!:)
    My husband and I will be travelling this september and will land from Nice to Naples Airport on the 15th sep around 1pm, we have planned a 2Night stay at Sorrento (15th, 16th september only) 17th Sept morning we have a train from @ 10 am from Naples to Rome.
    I read the option of taking the Alilauro Hydrofoil from the Pier and reaching Sorrento.
    But how do i reach the Pier from Naples Airport?
    How far is the Pier from the airport..? is it worth taking soo many trips to reach one destination!?.

    (i would travel from Nice hotel to the airport – the flight from nice to naples..i’m guessing a bus journey from naples airport to the Pier..the journey from Pier by hydrofoil to Sorrento..again another bus from the dock at sorrento to reach the hotel.!!pheww!)..but i would be half exhausted with making a start to reach Sorrento for only 2 nights! is it making any sense?

    please advise! thanks so much!

  • Alisha

    Ps. If you could also advise me on my return journey from Sorrento to the Napoli Centrale Station..would it again be …bus from hotel in sorr to the pier…hydrofoil from sorr pier to naples pier..bus from naples pier to naples station..?All this would be with a good amount of luggage as we’re not really light travellers. Atleast a stroller per person (approx 17-18 kgs) plus hand luggage..please advise at your earliest..Cant get more anxious with leaving for my trip in less than 20 days!!!please help! thanks again!

  • philippa

    Hi Jessica,
    My husband and I are making a special 2 day trip to naples. I am not sure what district to look at for accommodation. Can you help. I don’t know where to stay. We are also going to take a day trip to Sorrento – thank you for your advice…
    We want to be close to things but also be in a safe district. Are they all safe, or are some safer than others. Help!!

  • Fatiha

    Hello Jessica,

    Nice website! We are planning to o a 12 day-trip to Italy starting in Genova-verona-firenze-napoli (sorrento). And spending the last 5 or 6 days in Napoli. we are 3 girlfriends and we ar mainly city-girls but we would like to visit the coast. I would prefer to stay at least 2 days in Napels and then go to Sorrento or do you think it’s easier to stay the full 6 days in sorrento and do the excursions from there?via train? boat? I would love to go out in Napels and stay in Napels but my other friend prefers tostay inSorrento and take trips from there.. She thinks Napels is only a small taxi-ridre from sorrento? Is it?

    Weleave in june and I don’t want to be surrounded by only tourists.. What do you think about Procida? Is the amalfi-coast more attractive than sorrento e.g. Positano? marina grande? small village..

    Thanks you very much for your feedback!!!

    greetings from Brussels (Belgium)

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