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10 Favorite Family-Friendly Accommodations in Tuscany

Traveling to Italy with kids isn’t just about finding fun stuff to interest them in the places you’ll visit – it’s also key to find an accommodation option that fits the unique needs of a traveling family. My friend Amie O’Shaughnessy, the editor of Ciao Bambino – an excellent source […]

Day Trips from Rome

Rome‘s nickname is the Eternal City, but unless you have an eternity there you’ll never see everything. And you shouldn’t try – you’ll just wear yourself out completely, which is no way to spend your holiday. But even though you’d never really run out of things to see or do […]

Free Things to Do in Florence

Even in times when Italy is seeing a downturn in the number of visitors and really craving tourist money, it’s still not what most people would call a cheap vacation destination. This is especially true in the main tourist cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence. But that doesn’t mean everything […]