Expat Roadblocks

To Learn the Language (and Not Sound Like an Idiot) Pt. 2

I’ve noted before that one of the struggles of learning a new language is going from being reasonably articulate in your native tongue to being reduced to childish phrases and half-sentences in your new language. Well, one of the blogs I’ve quoted before on this subject has another post about […]


To Learn the Language (and Not Sound Like an Idiot)

One of the things I find most frustrating about learning another language is how stupid I sound sometimes. I can usually get my point across in a conversation, but I’m forced to do it using childlike language as opposed to sounding like an adult. I’m capable of expressing myself pretty […]


Expat Roadblocks: Experiencing Culture Shock at Home

Even if you’re prepared for culture shock, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less, well, shocking. And, as we’re learning already, it begins even before you’ve left the comfort of home. Take, for instance, the Italian tendency toward procrastination. It’s well-documented, and we’ve read about it – there’s […]