Moving to Italy

Dreaming of exporting yourself to the Bel Paese? Here are some thoughts and resources on doing just that.

Italian Politics: Can You Keep Track?

  Anyone who thinks the American political system is confusing is warned to not even attempt to figure out the Italian political system. (“System” might be a bit of a strong word to use there.) The husband actually did a bit of research into the whole process for an Italian […]

Expat Resource: Living Abroad Report

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it appears that the Living Abroad Report is no longer available online… At least at the moment. The links are all coming up blank, so it looks like this is one expat resource that has bit the dust. I just found the Living Abroad Report, and have yet […]

English Words in Italian: Not a Pezzo di Torta

Anyone who’s tried to learn another language no doubt has found moments of comedy amidst the hours (scratch that, weeks and months) of slogging through grammar rules. I don’t know about other countries, but the Italians have not only been active exporters of their words (ciao, venti, spaghetti, etc.), more […]

Expat Resource: How-To Italy

Part of my “day job” at BootsnAll includes reviewing the applications for new members of our travel community. One morning a couple months ago, I saw an application that caught my eye, for what I think you’ll see are obvious reasons! Emma Bird had applied to join the BootsnAll community, […]

Benefits for unmarried couples in Italy? Not so much.

  I remember how difficult it seemed eloping in Italy was going to be (which is why the husband and I ultimately ended up in Scotland), and I chalked that up to the proximity to the seat of the Catholic Church. Eloping, however, is child’s play next to gay marriage. […]

Research on the Road to Expat-hood

  I’m knee-deep in research for the husband’s and my attempt at expat-hood, and I haven’t read this site yet, but I’m bookmarking it for futher inspection. I’m halfway through “Live & Work in Italy” by Victoria Pybus, and have “Living Abroad in Italy” (John Moretti) and “The Expert Expatriate” […]