WhyGo Italy Goes to Italy: October 2010

In just a few days, I’m getting on a plane bound for Milan. I’ll be in Italy for three weeks on this trip, and have plans to visit Palermo (my first trip to Sicily), Naples, and the Amalfi Coast after taking care of some paperwork in Milan. I’m excited about the trip, especially about seeing places in Italy I’ve not seen before, although I’m equally as happy about seeing places I love again.

I’ve got things scheduled to publish on WhyGo Italy during my absence, although at a slightly slower rate than normal. If you’re just interested in the travel tips I’m publishing then you’ll still get them delivered to your email inbox or RSS reader just like always – and I’ll have even more tips when I get back. But if you’re curious about how my trip is going as it’s happening, I’ll be updating the @italylogue Twitter account regularly. I’ve set up my trusty BlackBerry to let me use Twitter in Italy, and that’s going to be the best way to find out what’s going on with my trip in sort of real-time.


For those of you who don’t have Twitter accounts, don’t worry. You can still check my Twitter profile page and scroll through my updates without signing up for an account. And, as I said, I’ll be bringing back all kinds of new tips and information from this trip that will eventually work its way onto the site itself, too.

In the meantime, I ask for your patience in replying to emails and comments/questions on the site. I promise I’ll get back to you when I’m back in the U.S. with a reliable internet connection!

4 thoughts on “WhyGo Italy Goes to Italy: October 2010

  • Widodo Budi

    Italy is always in my dream in the top list of countries that I should visit.
    I do want to visit Rome and Vatican. Hope that someday I could visit Italy.

  • fede

    I’m glad you’re having a good time. Weatherwise you’ve been a bit unlucky though. Today there is glorious sunshine in the whole of Lombardy and in Milan as well( even though it’s still chilly) .And I know that LAST TUESDAY the temperature in Palermo even crept up to 26- 27 degrees celsius.
    Anyway it’s going to be sunny tomorrow in Palermo according to the reliable sky tg 24 weather forecasts.
    Have a great time !

  • adelalemadi

    I will definitely follow you on Twitter but please do consider a visit to Italy’s garden region of Abruzzo 🙂 Not enough is written about Abruzzo on your site and it does deserve a mention as it is rich with culture and nature that rivals many of the mass tourist spots of Italy 🙂 Hope you are having a great trip!

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