Bomb Blast at Brindisi School Kills One, Injures Five [updated 5/24/2012]

The news of the earthquake in Emilia-Romagna is dominating most of the Italy headlines right now, but PM Mario Monti was already planning to cut his stay in Chicago for the NATO summit short before the quake even hit because of a bomb in the Puglia city of Brindisi. The bomb went off at a school, killing one girl and wounding several more.

Here’s a rundown of the news stories about the Brindisi bomb. I’ll keep this page updated as more reports come out.




Updated May 24, 2012


  • Italian school hit by bomb attack
    Even before the devastating earthquake hit Finale Emilia on May 20, there were already shockwaves in the southern Italian city of Brindisi on May 19 when a bomb blast at a vocational school killed one and injured several more. Initial suspicions were that the bomb was a retaliatory attack by the mafia, but officials later said the bomber acted alone.
  • Italy police close in on school bombing suspect
    Officials in Brindisi said early on May 21 that they had identified the bomber from surveillance tapes, but that he had disappeared. His brother was among several people the police questioned.
  • Italy bomb: Man detained as Melissa Bassi funeral held
    Later on May 21, officials said a man was being held for questioning in connection to the bombing "to see if he has an alibi," but they haven't said whether it's the suspected bomber from the CCTV footage.
  • Bombed Brindisi school reopens before 16-year-old’s funeral
    The school where the bombing took place was re-opened on May 21, just before the funeral of the 16-year-old girl who was killed in the blast.
  • No hypothesis excluded over Brindisi bomb, says minister
    Officials earlier said that they suspected a solo bomber rather than a mafia-related motivation, but now they’re saying they aren’t ruling anything out. They also released the man they were questioning, so the search continues for the bomber.
  • Red Brigades group denies responsibility for teen’s murder
    The Red Brigades deny that they had anything to do with the bomb in Brindisi, and their message says “students and workers are certainly not our targets.”