Italy News 05.25.09

Some news from Italy for your Sunday Monday reading pleasure:

(Sorry, this update’s a day late – I got back from my quick trip to Rome yesterday and then went straight to the AC Milan game, after which I collapsed from heat exhaustion. Or at least that’s what it felt like. Anyway, on with the news!)

5 thoughts on “Italy News 05.25.09

  • Gloria Casina di Rosa

    Different opinions about hot vs. cold shower… I think it has to do with the fact that if you take a cold shower when it’s very hot, it’s great as long as you are in the shower but when you get out of the shower, you end up suffering twice as much.
    I think with this heat, I’ll have to try both techniques and let you know! ;o) Thank you for the link!

  • Jessica Post author

    Yes, I’ll be curious about the results of your experiment, Gloria. Thankfully, at the times when I’ve been showering it hasn’t been nearly hot enough yet to make stepping out of a cool shower unpleasant. In fact, it’s still sort of bracing. Which is perfect.

  • Regina

    How about the opinions on whether or not a draft of air or an open window can be fatal?? I of course have my doubts but in Italy it seems people really do believe that.

  • Jessica Post author

    Yeah, many people here do believe that. And there are other superstitions like those, that Italians think you’ll die or get really sick if you do, which I’ve been doing my whole life with no ill effects. But we all have those kinds of things we grew up with, I think.

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