Italy News: 11.02.08

Some news from Italy for your Sunday reading pleasure:

  • Have you checked out the new WhyGo Italy? The new name and look of the Italy Travel Guide is just over a week old now – what do you think? Browse around and let me know!
  • Okay, so the Italian woman who was accused of talking on the phone while driving in Rome turned out not to be, so her fine was canceled… But does it worry anyone else that the woman is a deaf-mute and she’s got a driver’s license in the first place?
  • A Catholic Bishop in Naples says he enjoys Facebook, and is getting “200 new friends every day.”
  • When I read that Italy’s Prime Minister wants to outlaw graffiti, I simply smiled and thought, “Yeah, good luck with that.”
  • Americans celebrated Halloween a couple days ago, and while it’s a holiday that hasn’t caught on in Italy (which is fine with me), Italians have their own holidays this time of year that may seem similar. This weekend, Italy celebrated All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead, which are discussed at both Karen’s South of Rome and Cherrye’s My Bella Vita blogs.


  • Italy’s food police continue to work overtime catching fakes – in the past it’s been counterfeit parmigiano reggiano and Brunello wine, now it’s fake olive oil.
  • Have you ever watched a master cut into a gigantic wedge of parmigiano reggiano cheese? These photos from Ms. Adventures in Italy show how it’s done, but what you have to imagine is the speed with which it’s usually done – it’s amazing.
  • Pavarotti may no longer be with us, but his legend lives on. A special exhibit dedicated to Pavarotti is up at the Vittoriano Complex in Rome, and will run through December 8.
  • A professional soccer team in Italy is making the news as it’s the first one made up entirely of refugees.
  • The two remaining defendants in the murder trial in Perugia had asked to be released under house arrest pending the start of their trial in December, but that request has been denied. The pair, American Amanda Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, will remain in jail instead.
  • Italy may be modernizing in some ways, but traditions remain important – traditions like the Sunday lunch.
  • kiwi-italy

  • Alitalia is still hanging on by a thread, and the Italian government is still trying to save the embattled airline.
  • It’s official – David Beckham will play for AC Milan starting in January 2009. He’s reportedly only going to wear the red & black for two months, but that should be enough time for Posh to replenish her Prada and D&G wardrobe.
  • Is Italy headed for a coup? One former Italian president thinks that might not be the doomsday pronouncement it sounds like.
  • Going to the movies in Italy isn’t the same as elsewhere on earth… For one thing, Italians still love their intermission.
  • I’m not a Formula 1 fan, but even I can’t imagine Formula 1 without Ferrari – but that’s just what the famed Italian car company is threatening if F1 implements a new rule standardizing the engines.
  • And now that it’s November, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas cards, right? Dream of Italy is here to help with some beautiful cards bearing holiday designs of Italy.