Italy Travel News 01/16/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: January 5th through January 16th:



  • Cruise Ship Runs Aground Off Italy
    As you may know by now, a Costa cruise ship hit a reef off the coast of Tuscany on Friday, which resulted in the sinking of the ship and (as of this moment) the deaths of six people. Many are still unaccounted for. This article provides a good overview of what happened, although it doesn't include more recent developments from over the weekend. (via @eminchilli on Twitter)
  • Cruise disaster: captain arrested as three confirmed dead
    The captain of the ship was detained on Saturday. He is reported to have said the rocks that tore open a hole in the ship were not on his chart. (via @LifeinSicily on Twitter)
  • Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Italy
    This dramatic NY Times slideshow shows just how close the ship was (and remains) to the Tuscan island of Giglio.
  • Costa Concordia: Search for survivors resumes amid safety fears
    Divers searching for survivors were called back when rough seas were causing the ship to move, possibly closer to much deeper waters, but assessments today revealed enough stability for the time being so that divers are once again looking for the people who remain unaccounted for.
  • An Italian Couple Committed A Double Suicide – And Dedicated It To Berlusconi
    This story is too tragic for words… (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)
  • Downgrade drama: S&P; lowers France, Italy, Spain, 6 others
    In the ongoing saga of European economic woes, ratings agency Standard & Poor's has downgraded nine countries – including Italy. Italy was downgraded two notches to BBB+ level.
  • Best Italian Winter Destinations
    Summer may be the most popular time to visit Italy, but there are some great reasons to visit in winter – not least that it's often much, much cheaper! Here are three good options for winter vacations in Italy.
  • First time in Rome – 6 things you might not expect
    This is a great list of things many first-timers in Rome find confusing or even appalling – and many of them are applicable elsewhere in Italy, too (especially the handy tips about the different ways to flush toilets!). (Thanks to Rebecca @brigolante for sending this my way.)
  • 5 Beautiful Reasons to Love Venice
    Rather than just repeat that "Venice is beautiful," Budget Travel asked photographers in Venice what makes the city so appealing from an artistic standpoint.
  • The 45 Places to Go in 2012
    The NY Times has released its annual list of places to go, and Italy makes two appearances. Florence comes in at 16th, while Portovenere is listed at 45th.
  • Italy allows Unesco into Pompeii
    The much-publicized recent building collapses at Pompeii date back to November 2010, and UNESCO's report with details about how much potential there is for damage throughout the site was released last June, but it apparently got almost no coverage in the press. (via @tgiflorence on Twitter)
  • Florence: Food With a View
    I love reading about the discoveries people make when they spend more than a couple days in a city. In this case, Caroline had two weeks in Florence to explore – and this list of the things she found (and loved) is enough to make anyone want to head for the Renaissance capital immediately.
  • Jetsetter’s 12 Destinations For 2012
    I think most travel lovers would happily go to any of these 12 destinations, but Italophiles will be happy to see that Venice comes in at #2.