Italy Travel News 01/26/2011

  • Berlusconi lashes out over TV sex scandal talk

    Berlusconi just can't stay out of the news – and now we know he's got enough free time to watch TV talk shows, too. He called into one that was discussing his recent sex scandals this week and proceeded to tell off the presenters for a few minutes before hanging up. What a charmer.

  • Pizza as canvas: creating toppings with gabriele bonci

    Oh my… The photos in this past are enough to make you want to pack up and fly to Rome. The fact that there are instructions for recreating the pizza in the pictures is just an added bonus. (via @dreamofitaly on Twitter)

  • Una gang di quattro persone ha trafugato la bara di Bongiorno

    The body of Italian TV personality Mike Bongiorno, who died two years ago, was stolen from its tomb near Lago Maggiore in northern Italy. (link in Italian, via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • 6 “Quartiere” Neighborhoods of Florence

    These brief descriptions of the six neighborhoods of central Florence is helpful if you're trying to decide where to stay in the city. (via @ContextItaly on Twitter)

  • Legacy of Letters




    This has "geek cool" written all over it – a typography tour of Italy, 8 days long, in the Veneto & Emilia-Romagna regions. I guarantee if you join this tour your summer trip to Italy will be unlike anyone else's. (Well, y'know, except for the other people on the tour.) (via @eyeonitaly)

  • How to Eat Locally & Seasonally When Traveling

    I wrote this guest post for Nomadic Foodie about some tips to help travelers find food that's local & seasonal when they're away from home. If I forgot a great tip, please leave it in the comments!

  • Comparing The United States to Italy

    Oh my holy wow, this site is AWESOME. You can pick different countries to compare to the US as well, although I'm obviously kinda focused on Italy… (via @gmcguireinrome on Twitter)

  • Traveling vs. Living as an Expat

    Andrew at Grounded Traveler asked me to write a post about why traveling in a place is different than living there; I was happy to oblige, and it was an interesting exercise for me to think about this topic more than I have in the past. Thanks, Andrew!

  • Ecco le cheerleader bianconere

    My Juve-fan husband loves the fact that his team is pioneering the use of American-style cheerleaders at games, but I'm less than enthusiastic. (via @AlisonBing on Twitter)

  • Roman Assisi

    Great post by Rebecca Winke about Assisi's Roman sites, newly restored & open to the public.

  • Gelato da Guinnes

    Who else but Italy would hold the Guinness World Record for the largest gelato cone ever? (via @ItalianMeetup on Twitter)

  • Jersey Shore to Film Its Fourth Season in Italy

    Oh, dear me. I'm just… There are no words.