Italy Travel News 02/05/2011

  • The Streets of Venice: My Throbbing Heart

    Oh my goodness, I love this picture of Venice at night…

  • Portovenere – not Cinque Terre

    Everyone heads for Liguria to see the Cinque Terre, but as Andrew of Grounded Traveler points out, they aren't the only seaside villages worth stopping in. Here's his photo tour of nearby Portovenere.

  • Italy’s parliament backs Berlusconi in sex scandal

    As this article says, the block by the parliament won't stop the investigation into Berlusconi's alleged sex with underage girls, but the fact that the parliament backed the Prime Minister on this shows just how tight his grip on the government really is.

  • Berlusconi Sex Scandals Fuel Anger of Italian Women

    I'm heartened to hear that Italian women are getting increasingly angry at sex scandal after sex scandal coming out of the Prime Minister's office – and, by extension, at what that says about how Italy thinks of its female population – but I worry the discontent won't last and soon everything will be back to business as usual. (via @DeirdreS on Twitter)



  • Bathing at Dawn

    As Pam said when she posted this to Twitter earlier in the week, this describes "a nearly perfect day in Italy" – bathing in the hot springs of Saturnia at dawn, coffee in Tuscan hilltowns, and a midday nap.

  • Tour Operators Name Italy ‘World’s Best’ Destination

    Italophiles won't be surprised to learn that the U.S. Tour Operators Association has named Italy one of the "world's best" destinations for architecture, art, culture, wine, food, shopping, walking, and romance. In short, Italy is on more of these "world's best" lists than any other country. Ma certo! (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Spas in Umbria

    There are luxurious spas in towns all over Italy, but if you're in Umbria here are the ones that longtime Umbria resident Rebecca Winke would recommend.

  • Art Project, powered by Google

    This is really cool – it's like Google street view, only for the insides of famous art museums around the world, including Florence's Uffizi Gallery. (via @italyfrominside on Twitter)

  • Olivia Goes to Venice

    Got a little one you're planning to bring to Venice? Why not introduce them to the city with the help of the precocious pig, Olivia? (via

  • Roman rise and fall ‘recorded in trees’

    This is really fascinating, even if it's just a theory – that climate changes could actually have something to do with when a society rises to greatness and eventually falls. (via @eyeonitaly)

  • Johnny Depp joins George Clooney in Italy with a new home in Venice

    Aside from the obvious "omigod omigod omigod" moment I had when I first read this headline, I want to KISS him for what he said about Venice – how much he loved Venice at night. It's absolutely one of the things I love best about the city. Which obviously means Johnny & I were meant to be together. I mean, that's completely clear, right? (via @michellefabio on Twitter)