Italy Travel News 02/14/2011

  • Roman Connections to Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day has connections to ancient Rome – and they're pretty odd connections at that. Not only that, did you know that the skull of St. Valentine himself is in a church in Rome? Learn more about the history of this holiday as well as what church holds the saint's skull in this video from iKangaroo.

  • Italy’s Mozzarella Cheese May Be Contaminated

    As Blog from Italy's Alex Roe found out when he talked to the investigating magistrate, the initial reports that 70% of the mozzarella from Italy was contaminated are more than a bit alarmist. That number refers to the percentage of the mozzarella that was tested, and doesn't refer to all mozzarella produced in Italy. Still, it's alarming, & I'll be interested to see how it impacts the cheese-making process in Italy.

  • Ti amo…Italian phrases for love

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, & useful year-round – different ways to say "I love you" in Italian. (via @MyMelange & @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Italian women hold anti-Berlusconi demonstrations

    Hundreds of thousands of people across Italy (and beyond) organized in protests on February 13th to call for Berlusconi to resign. The hashtag #senonoraquando – "if not now, when" – is, I'm told, big in Italy as people lend support to the protesters. (via @VecchiaCasa on Twitter)



  • In pictures: Women march against Berlusconi

    This is a great photo-set of more anti-Berlusconi protests in Italy, as women continue to take issue with his sex scandals and how he treats women generally. (via @Moscerina on Twitter)

  • Daily Travel Photo – Florence, Italy

    Pretty shot of the ceiling of Florence's Baptistery…

  • What’s New in Italy for 2011?

    In this article for the SF Chronicle, legendary travel guidebook author Rick Steves says traveling in Italy in 2011 will mean less chaos and smoother visits.

  • Vatican Radio marks 80 years, looks to new media


    It's news enough that Vatican Radio is celebrating 80 years in existence this year – the fact that the Vatican is looking to get involved on Facebook & Twitter is just plain… Weird. What would the Pope tweet, I ask you?

  • Berlusconi may appeal to European court in sex case

    Not only is it ludicrous to me that Berlusconi & the Italian government would appeal to any court that he shouldn't be tried on the sex abuse & abuse of power charges for which he's currently being investigated, it's off-the-charts crazy that it would be the European Court of HUMAN RIGHTS. Oy vey. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • Italian wine a life-saver in fight against HIV/Aids

    Very cool… Some Italian vintners are selling special bottles, with a "Wine for Life" label, where some of the proceeds go to fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)