Italy Travel News 02/22/2011

  • Italy braces for immigration wave from Libya

    Italy is caught up in the Libya news in a peripheral way – it's Libya's biggest trade partner, and Libya had cracked down heavily on illegal immigration to Europe (much of which went through Italy) after a treaty signed in 2008. Now, with more people fleeing Tunisia and Libya, Italy & Europe are sending its coast guard out to turn boats around mid-ocean. (via @tigritude on Twitter)

  • Vatican warns of papal ticket scams

    Beware of anyone selling tickets to the beatification of Pope John Paul II – the Vatican says there are no tickets required to attend, and anyone selling a ticket is a scammer, plain and simple. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Italy’s first Holocaust museum to be built in Rome

    Plans were recently unveiled for Italy's first Holocaust museum, and there are ads running on RAI television asking people to "submit any relevant wartime family records or material for exhibition."

  • J.Crew Goes to Italy

    A shoe design team from J. Crew went to Florence with a film crew as they visited the factory where their shoes are made. (via @WhyGo on Twitter)



  • At the Pharmacy

    If you get sick in Italy, these pharmacy phrases will come in handy. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Milan airport terminal evacuated after shooting

    Authorities are saying the man who crashed his car into a terminal at Malpensa, then threatened police officers with a knife after getting out of the car, only to be shot by the police trying to restrain him "did not have terrorist intentions." (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Episode 33: Exploring Umbria with Alex Leviton

    Last week's Eye on Italy podcast brought us to Alex Leviton, Lonely Planet Umbria guidebook writer, who shared some of her favorite Umbrian spots with us.

  • Amanda Knox’s parents to face trial in Italy

    Wow – in the midst of continuing appeals in the Amanda Knox trial, Knox's parents have now been ordered to stand trial for "defaming police" who were investigating the murder for which Knox was convicted in 2009. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • Berlusconi To Stand Trial In Prostitution Case

    So, La Berlusca is going to stand trial on charges he had sex with underage prostitutes (and tried to cover it up). The trial is currently scheduled to begin on April 6, and for a bit of extra eyebrow-raising detail, all three judges on the panel set to hear the case are women. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • Island Hopping in Italy’s Aeolian Islands

    Omigoodness, I've never been to the Aeolian Islands (off the coast of Sicily), but this post about island-hopping – chock full of photos – makes me want to change that quickly…