Italy Travel News 03/10/2011

  • Italy unity anniversary divides more than unites

    This piece has a good overview of why the 150th anniversary of Italian unification isn't exactly being celebrated by all Italians. (via @ItalianMeetup on Twitter)

  • Brunello Vintages

    Shopping for Brunello but aren't sure which year to get? This post has ratings for vintages from 2001-2006. (via @ilpalazzone on Twitter)

  • Rome Tickets

    Airfare into Italy is going up pretty quickly at the moment, especially for summer travel. If you’ve got a spring trip planned, you may still find some good deals.

  • Taking the long way home

    This is a lovely post about going "home" to Italy, despite never having lived there. It will likely sound familiar to anyone born of immigrant parents.



  • Cheap Tickets in Europe

    While the cost of airfare to pretty much everywhere in Europe is rising at the moment (partly because we’re headed toward the high season, partly because oil prices are skyrocketing), Italy fares seem to be going up faster than others. If you can find a good deal on a flight to another hub airport in Europe, then book a flight from there to Italy on a budget carrier, you could save quite a bit.

  • Lack of Tourists Troubles Italian Travel Industry

    High prices in Italy are being blamed for the precipitous drop in tourist numbers in recent years. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Piazza San Marco [Photo]

    Lovely photo from the Campanile overlooking St. Mark's Square in Venice – if not for the colorful umbrella, this could be a black and white picture!

  • Calabria Food & Wine Tour: October 2011


    My friend Cherrye of the My Bella Vita site has teamed up with a partner in Calabria, & together they'll be leading this food-and-wine-centric tour of the region this October. The itinerary is drool-worthy…

  • Tuscany for Foodies iPhone App

    There's a new Italy iPhone app out there, courtesy of James Martin of the Wandering Italy blog &'s Europe section – it's called Tuscany for Foodies, and it's got everything you'll need to eat well in Tuscany. It's $2.99 in the iTunes store.

  • Carnival 2011 in Photos

    Scroll down to picture #8 – a table full of Berlusconi masks ready & waiting for their wearers at a carnival celebration in (wait for it) BRAZIL. Why they want an army of Silvio lookalikes at a carnival in Brazil is beyond me. The mind reels…

  • Michelangelo’s David ‘could collapse due to high-speed train building’

    A high-speed train tunnel planned in Florence may threaten the David statue. Some in the city are pressing to have David moved to a new building (not yet built) that would be more earthquake-proof than even the Accademia is.