Italy Travel News 03/13/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: March 8th through March 13th:




  • Effetto Badonkadonk
    I love cross-cultural notes, and this one's especially amusing – Vanity Fair Italia talking about the hip-enhancing fashions of the day by using what they're saying is an "American" term: badonkadonk.
  • John Mariani celebrates Italian food and la dolce vita
    Interestingly, Mariani explains in one answer how Italian fashion helped (in part) influence Italian food trending around the world. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)
  • Pompeii reopens Terme Stabiane
    After some renovations, the oldest public baths at Pompeii – including the women's baths – have re-opened to the public. (via @italymartha on Twitter)
  • Emma and Effie (and Claudia!), Movie Making Most Venetian
    During a recent film shoot in Venice for the movie "Effie," Venice resident (& blogging pal) Nan McElroy got to do some period-costume rowing scenes – and managed to get some great photos of the whole movie-making experience. Can't wait to see this one! (via @jolocktov on Twitter)
  • 51 Things I Learned in Italy
    This is a crazy fun list, whether you've lived in Italy or just visited. (via @vespadiaries on Twitter)
  • Roman Roads
    We all know the saying "all roads lead to Rome" – but here's a bit of history into why the Romans were so intent on building those sturdy roads. (via @Ars_Opulenta on Twitter)
  • Florence Travel Tip: 5 Artisan Craft Workshops to Visit
    To get a peek at some modern-day artisans still working on age-old crafts in Italy, you don't have to look far. In Florence, here are 5 workshops you can visit (and a mention of a Context Travel walking tour that will get you into even more). (via @TravelEditor on Twitter)
  • Stolen paintings recovered in Rome 40 years after art heist
    Incredible story – paintings taken in 1971 were found hanging on the walls of a home in the same district in Rome as the home from which they were initially stolen. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)
  • 8 Places in Europe That Still Feel ‘Untouched’
    Among the places listed in this article is one in Italy – Cesenatico. Have you been there? Where else in Italy would you describe as "feeling untouched?"
  • Zenfully Delicious – Gluten-Free Tuscany
    If you're gluten-free and nervous about traveling in Italy on your own, this week-long Perillo Tour in Tuscany may be one option to consider.
  • The full Monti: Rome’s cool quarter
    I love this profile of one of central Rome's loveliest neighborhoods! (via @LazioExplorer on Twitter)