Italy Travel News 03/15/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: March 13th through March 15th:




  • Rome food apps reviewed
    There are a quite a few iPhone apps for foodies going to Rome, so I'm pleased that the fine folks at Cross-Pollinate have reviewed them with first-hand knowledge!
  • Leonardo Fresco Search in Florence Spurs Protest
    If finding a fresco by Leonardo (under another painting by Vasari) required drilling into the fresco, would you support it? Many in Italy are up in arms over this. (via @pwcarey on Twitter)
  • Zen and the Art of Making Gnocchi
    It's Italy Blogging Roundtable time again! This month's topic was ROOTS, and it was fun finding out what twist each of the roundtable bloggers put on it. Rebecca wrote about conquering her fear of making gnocchi, which is a lovely story accompanied by delicious-looking photos.
  • How to put down roots in another country
    Alexandra offered her tips to establish roots in another country as an expat, but my favorite part was the beginning when she listed a few tests to find out whether you're an expat in the first place. Her answer to "How often do you go home" nearly made me spit coffee all over my laptop.
  • Roots and Other Roots
    Gloria's ROOTS post talks about chestnut tree roots popping up through sidewalks, the bright red radishes at the beginning of spring, and her own "Super-Tuscan" roots – her family goes back so many generations in her Tuscan town, I lost count!
  • The World’s First Botanical Gardens
    Until I read Melanie's post about botanical gardens in Italy, I had no idea that they were almost always associated with universities – or that the oldest ones were in Italy. Have you visited botanic gardens in Italy?
  • Rome Reborn
    This is a gorgeous 5-minute video of Rome as it looked in ancient times. The animation pans through the city, dives into street scenes, and the interior of buildings. It's beautiful, and gives you a sense of ancient Roman life – not just the ruins it left behind. (via @brainpicker on Twitter)
  • Ubiquitous evening passeggiata, a reflection of Italian lifestyle
    This is a lovely essay on the Italian art of the "passeggiata," including what it all means – yes, the evening stroll has great significance in Italy. (via @vespadiaries on Twitter)
  • Seven Costa victims identified
    Officials are still hard at work identifying bodies pulled from the wreckage of the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of Tuscany in January. Seven more people were identified this week, including a five-year-old girl and her father.
  • Deaths Barred in Italian Village
    No, that title isn't a joke. File under "Now I've Heard Everything," please.