Italy Travel News 03/16/2011

  • Just add parmesan: Tracing the roots of Italian food

    Want to know more about where those Italian classic dishes you love came from? This may help. (via @vespadiaries on Twitter)

  • The ties that bind

    This is an excellent article about what unites and divides Italians – especially appropriate on the 150th anniversary of Italian unification. (via @allafiorentina on Twitter)

  • Tourism in Venice

    A student from Serbia is doing his thesis on tourism in Venice. If you've been to the city and you're interested in helping, you can fill out this survey for him. (via @ContextItaly on Twitter)

  • Worries over Nuclear Power in Italy

    After the Japanese earthquake and tsunami have resulted in a crisis at one major nuclear power plant, other countries are re-examining their own nuclear power plants. This interesting post by blogger friend Alex shows that while Italy may not be at risk of a tsunami like Japan just got hit with, the country already has some serious nuclear problems it's not dealing with.



  • Traditional Salt-Free Bread, The Way Tuscans LIKE IT!

    Have you ever had bread in Tuscany & wondered why it tasted "funny?" Here's some background on why traditional Tuscan bread is unsalted.

  • Italy Celebrates 150 Years of Unity this Week

    Although the anniversary of Italian unification isn't being anticipated with joy by all Italians, there are celebrations of varying degree taking place in different cities throughout the country on Thursday. The biggest news appears to be that many museums and monuments will waive admission fees for Thursday visitors.

  • Santa Margherita Ligure – Near not in Cinque Terre

    Here's the latest in the "near but not in the Cinque Terre" series on Grounded Traveler, for anyone who wants to head to Liguria but also skip the famously crowded towns.

  • 10 great places to go off the beaten path in Italy

    Frankly, I think this list is mostly ridiculous – it's 10 places author Frances Mayes highlights as "little-known," only a few of them are far from being "little-known." Mayes includes popular cruise stop Portofino, capital of the south Naples, and the town where she lives part-time – Cortona. There are a few spots on this list that are what I'd call really off-the-beaten-path, but mostly it feels like this is another typical (AKA mediocre) USA Today article. (huge thanks to Michelle Fabio, who posted this link on the Bleeding Espresso Facebook page)

  • Lasagna trail leads police to fugitive in Italy

    There's nothing like a home-cooked meal… Even if you've been on the run from Italian police for a decade.

  • Rick Steves’ Europe: Audio Europe

    I'm an unabashed fan of Rick Steves, and I'm happy to see that he's got a new iPhone/iPod/iPad app of all his European audio content (tours, radio shows, etc.). Bes of all, it's completely free. It's got Italy, of course, plus all the other countries Steves covers, so it's even more useful for travelers.