Italy Travel News 03/18/2010

  • Hysteria, tears in Berlusconi book on Italy’s love

    Ah, yes. Just in time for Italian elections, Berlusconi's party releases a book filled with messages he apparently received from Italians telling him to "persevere after being attacked last year." I think I'm going to throw up.

  • Italy: Fines for rental-car drivers on the rise

    Good to know if you're planning to drive in Italy.

  • Facebook Traps Mafia Boss in Italy

    The fact that Facebook assisted Italian police in capturing a wanted mob boss is only made more intriguing by the fact that Italy's government kind of wants to keep people in the country from even using Facebook.

  • Priest Starts Mother-in-Law Training to Curb Divorce

    Intrusive mothers-in-law are something of an institution in Italy, & one Italian priest is attempting to re-train some of them in an effort to cut the rate of divorce in Italy. I'm not sure if this is funny or serious, or both.



  • Italian Hand Gestures: It’s a Dance

    My friend Sara contends that all those gestures Italians make when they're talking amounts to "dancing with your hands."

  • Palace of Sextus Tarquinius found

    Archaeologists believe they've found all that remains of a royal palace destroyed in the late 5th century BCE.

  • “Secret” Giotto uncovered

    Ultra-violet lights cast over the walls of a small chapel in the Santa Croce church in Florence have uncovered the line drawings for the original paintings underneath centuries of bad restorations & whitewashing – and those original paintings are by the famous Giotto.

  • Amanda Knox: judges’ report published

    If you can't get enough of the Amanda Knox trial, then you might be interested to know the judges' report from the trial has been released. (If you're like me and would prefer the whole thing went away, then ignore this message.)

  • There’s no such thing as “a man’s job”

    The supreme court of Italy just ruled – in March 2010 – that it's illegal to deny a woman a job (any job) based solely on her gender. Now, says the cynic in me, they'll just hafta get more creative when they're dishing out reasons why a woman can't do a particular job…

  • Visiting the Vatican and Rome During Easter

    Planning a trip to Rome for the upcoming Easter holiday? This post should help.