Italy Travel News 03/21/2011

  • Announcing a New Europe Rail Tool (Plus 6 Reasons to Love It)

    In case you missed our announcement, we wanted to make sure you knew about our new train ticket booking service! It's useful for train travelers throughout Europe, but particularly for those in Italy – because you can get up to 30% off the regular ticket prices simply by using this tool and booking your tickets in advance.

  • Good Friday procession, Volterra, Tuscany

    If you've never seen a Good Friday procession in Italy, this is kind of a cool way to experience it – it's an audio description of one in Volterra, complete with the distant sound of the procession's choir.

  • San Satiro

    You've probably heard of "trompe l’oeil" before, but it's always cool to see examples of the art done well. In this case, it's a church in Milan where the architect wasn't given enough room for an apse, so he created 30 feet of visual space in only 3 feet of actual space. There's a picture from the side to show you how short it really is.

  • IKEA provokes outrage in Italy after creating advert with gay couple holding hands

    Oh, my. IKEA's ad, which ran in Catania to coincide with the opening of a new store there, has (not surprisingly) created some waves in the notoriously conservative country. Berlusconi's own Il Giornale newspaper actually said the ad was 'a clear attempt at ''Swedish Imperialism'' that tried to make everyone equal by having the same ''cheap furniture.''' Right, that's exactly what it is. *sigh*



  • The Carnival of Venice 2011 from the Glamor Granny

    I loved these photos from Venice's Carnival this year – especially seeing the author dolled up in her Carnival finery!

  • Carnival in Venice from Kathy Ayer

    And here's more – photos and stories both – from the 2011 Carnival in Venice.

  • Silvio Berlusconi booed at event to mark anniversary of Italy’s unity

    The title says it all, really… (via @DarkRomeTours on Twitter)

  • Parla Food’s Free Dining App Now Available-Not Just For iPhone Users!

    Not being an iPhone user, I'm always happy to see an Italy app that isn't just for iPhones – and the fact that this one is about food makes it even better. This app is a work in progress, but the only city that's fully functional so far is Rome (other cities outside Italy will follow), so visitors to Rome should be able to get lots of use out of it. Note that it's browser-based, so you will need an internet connection (so an iPhone in airplane mode won't work), but you can use this app before you leave home to make note of all the places you want to eat. It works on any smartphone and your regular computer browser, too.

  • Eight Things Today’s Italy Tells Us About Today’s Europe

    I love this article – it's an honest look at modern Italy in an historic context, highlighting some of its shortcomings in the broader context of its place in Europe. Very interesting stuff, indeed.

  • A Guide To Rome Blogs

    Leave it to a Rome blogger to put together a killer list of blogs in Rome. If you're headed to or enthusiastic about The Eternal City, this is a great list of blogs to check out.