Italy Travel News 03/26/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: March 16th through March 26th:




  • Arson attack by high-speed rail protestors causes disruption
    People protesting the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail line are apparently responsible for the fires which caused the delays. Protests against this line have been going for years, evidently, with the primary point of contention being the tunnel the high-speed train requires in the Valle di Susa.
  • Roman coin hoard found in Bath by archaeologist
    We know the ancient Roman empire extended well beyond the borders of modern-day Italy, but it still makes my inner history geek smile to hear about a stash of Roman coins found in Bath, England. (via @tweetaly on Twitter)
  • The Biggest Apple Museum in the World is in Italy
    I'll admit, this little factoid surprised me. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)
  • I Gessi di Botero, Assisi
    Rebecca reminds us that sometimes visiting art museums/galleries in Italy (or wherever we travel) is as much about seeing the building and setting for the display as it is about the art itself. (via @brigolante on Twitter)
  • {Wanderlust} The Amalfi Coast
    For anyone who needs a little Amalfi Coast drool-worthy travel inspiration this morning, this photo collection should do the trick. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)
  • Venice is still sinking, study finds
    And not only is it still sinking (at a rate of, on average, 1-2mm per year), it's also "tilting slightly eastward." (via @L_altra_venezia on Twitter)
  • Vatican Bank faces fresh controversy
    JP Morgan is apparently preparing to shut down one of the bank's accounts because officials at the Vatican bank haven't been able (or willing) to respond to questions about potential money-laundering. Oops. (via @freyasflorence on Twitter)
  • German victim from Costa Concordia identified
    As another body pulled from the sunken cruise ship was identified and five more were found, that leaves two passengers still listed as "missing."
  • Dog imitates owner and boards train on her own
    A dog accustomed to riding a certain train to visit her owner's girlfriend in a nearby town did just that – without her owner. The pup ended up at the pound in Florence, and thanks to her microchip she was reunited with her distraught owner four days later. (via @andreavogt on Twitter)
  • Visiting Gardaland in Italy: Essential Travel Tips
    In this guest post I wrote for Theme Park Tourist, you'll find info on where to stay near Italy's biggest amusement park, how best to reach the park, and what else to do around Lake Garda while you're there.
  • Colomba: Italy’s Easter Bread
    My latest post for Under the Tuscan Gun is about that special bread that only appears in Italian bakeries around Easter – Colomba!
  • Leonardo lost work might be located
    Remember that so-called "lost Leonardo" fresco they were drilling through another fresco to attempt to locate in Florence? Well, they've had to stop looking – one organization withdrew support, citing damage to the existing fresco (duh).
  • Italian stallions in Modena, Italy
    Attention gear-heads – there's a fancy new Ferrari museum in Modena.
  • 6 Reasons We Love Italy in Spring
    This is a fantastic list of reasons why visiting Italy in the spring is delightful, but I think I love this post most of all for introducing me to a new favorite word: PASSEGGELATO. Love.
  • Priest fined for ringing church bells too loudly
    A law passed in 1997 stipulated the decibel level church bells had to adhere to, and apparently a priest in Venice has been in excess of that level for more than four years. Still, I'd hardly call church bells "noise pollution," would you?
  • Top 6 temporary exhibitions in Florence in 2012
    Planning a trip to Florence this year? Here are some temporary exhibits that you can check out in the city, and when they're open.
  • Strawberry Tiramisu Recipe
    Tiramisu apparently isn't all about coffee and chocolate! What a fun spring adaptation of the traditional Italian dessert.
  • The Lady Anatomist: The Incredible Wax Sculptures of 18th-Century Artist-Scientist Anna Morandi Manzolini
    I've read about "La Specola" in Florence, the museum of 18th century wax anatomy sculptures, but I didn't know the history behind such sculptures – especially that one of the best artists of the medium was a woman! This article is on a book about her, and shows off some examples of her work. Utterly fascinating.