Italy Travel News 03/29/2010

  • “Cats and Culture” Italy tour

    I love cats, and I love Italy. Omigoodness, I think I would love this tour… "The American group “Friends of Roman Cats” , which aims to help homeless cats in the USA and Italy and educate people about their plight and care, hopes to organise a “Cats and Culture” tour in 2010. "

  • Condom vending machines in a Rome high school

    In another example of Italy's schizophrenic nature when it comes to sex. a high school in Rome has installed condom machines in both the girls' & boys' bathrooms – and then come under fire from the Vatican and the Rome Association of Doctors for doing so.

  • How is the Week Before Easter Celebrated in Italy?

    Holy Week in Italy kicked off on Sunday the 28th with Palm Sunday. Read on to find out what happens between Palm Sunday and Easter Monday in Italy.

  • The world’s 12 sexiest cities: Rome #1

    The Times Online has named Rome the world's sexiest city. I'm not sure I agree… What do you think?

  • Venice: New Eco-vaporetto makes fewer waves




    Visitors to Venice should keep an eye out for the 10 new vaporetti (water buses) in the city that are more comfy as well as more eco-friendly.

  • Short Trips from Milan

    If you have anywhere between 1-4 days to spare from a home-base in Milan, here are some suggestions for where you can go.

  • “Made in Italy” law tightened

    Italy's Parliament is trying to make it harder for non-Italian manufacturers to wrongly use the "Made in Italy" label.

  • Bullet mailed to Berlusconi

    From the article: "The Italian Post Office intercepted an envelope containing a bullet and addressed to Mr Berlusconi at his private Milan residence." A letter bomb meant for a Lega Nord politician (a right-wing xenophobic party in the north) exploded on the same day, injuring a postal worker.

  • Portofino, Italy: 5 Tips to Enjoy Your Trip


    Here are 5 good tips for a visit to Portofino from my friend Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy. Take her photography advice, but apparently don't go to her for restaurant recommendations in Portofino.

  • The Art of Replicating Masterpieces

    A look at the high-tech methods used to create facsimiles of some of the most famous art tourists go to Italy to see. From the article: "Whether to rewrite history or reinterpret masterpieces, replicas made with a palette of high-tech tools are changing the way tourists see art."

  • Who is Alfredo Sauce, and why do Americans keep asking about him?

    Anyone traveling to Italy should read this article… Excellent piece that highlights one of the reasons so many Americans are confused & disappointed by actual Italian food when they get to Italy.

  • Interview with Expat in Italy Business Owner Danielle Russo, of When in Rome Tours

    Blogging pal Cherrye interviews another expat in Italy, who happens to run both a tour company and a B&B in Rome. Just the thought of that makes me tired. Still, she's fueled by Italian espresso, right?