Italy Travel News 03/30/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: March 26th through March 30th:



  • Furious parents withdraw children from Italian nursery after it’s revealed teacher posed for glamour calendar
    Several angry mothers have taken their kids out of a nursery school near Bologna after finding out that the teacher, an American expat who's lived in Italy for more than a decade and who models during the summer school breaks, posed in lingerie for a calendar. Note: no fathers were seen in this protest. (via @OnlyInItaly on Twitter)
  • Basilicata Travel Video
    This 3.5-minute gem of a video, shot in Basilicata, is bound to leave a smile on your face. (via @HotelGuerrato on Twitter)
  • Torneo Tartaruga: una bici vince a Milano
    This is in Italian, but here's the gist – the environmental organization Legambiente held a "race" in Milan among the different forms of transportation. The bicycle won. The scooter came in 2nd, followed by the Metro, the taxi, and – in last place – the private car.
  • Traveling Sicily – Thoughts & Tips
    This post has a bunch of great travel tips for Sicily, & plenty of gorgeous photos throughout. (via @BootsnAll on Twitter)
  • Klimt – Museo Correr
    In Venice anytime before July 8th? You may want to check out the "Mostra Klimt" exhibit at the Museo Correr. (via @livingvenice on Twitter)
  • EU approves new Pompeii money
    The good news is that the EU has just approved new funds for restoration work at Pompeii. The Italian government is matching the EU money, and the grand total is roughly 105 million euro. The lingering question (at least in my mind) is whether the money will go where it's needed. UNESCO is involved more closely at the moment, so that could help.
  • 2013 To Be the Year of Italian Culture in the USA
    The new Italian ambassador to the United States, Claudio Bisogniero, just announced that 2013 will be the "Year of Italian Culture" in the US. He has yet to announce exactly what that means, but his newly-created Twitter profile (@CBisogniero) is apparently going to be one place to look for clues.
  • Leonard Freed. Io amo l’Italia
    If you'll be in Rome at any point between March 30 through May 27, here's a temporary exhibit you might want to check out. It's called "I love Italy," & it's 100 black & white photos by American photographer Leonard Freed. (via @BuzzInRome on Twitter)
  • Blood & Chocolate
    This is a great tale of nostalgia & an unusual dessert in southern Italy (which may make some squeamish), with gorgeous photographs to match. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)
  • Vatican Museum Masterpieces: Vatican Pinacoteca
    As if the Vatican Museums weren't overwhelming enough, this blog post highlights a part of the museum that many may overlook in their zeal to get to the Sistine Chapel – the Pinacoteca. This section includes works by Raphael, da Vinci, and Caravaggio. (via @michellefabio on Twitter)
  • Guided tour of Assisi every Thursday morning
    Will you be in Assisi this summer? On a Thursday? Then check out these guided tours of the city, only 7Euro. (via @brigolante on Twitter)
  • Land once owned by Mafia produces prize-winning wines
    Land that once belonged to the Mafia in Sicily is now producing wine – it's all part of a join effort between Italy and the European Union to try to "boost the economy, creating real jobs that can help establish a culture which rejects, rather than protects, organized crime." (via @GemelliPress on Twitter)
  • 10 arrested in big Florence drugs bust
    First came the news that 10 were arrested in a drug bust in Florence…
  • 50 arrested in Camorra drugs swoop
    …then, the very next day, the report that 50 people were arrested in Naples, suspected of drug trafficking for the Camorra.
  • The Herculaneum Conservation Project on YouTube
    Even if you can't read the Italian subtitles in this video, it's still a cool behind-the-scenes peek at the archaeological work that's been done at Herculaneum over the past decade. Have you been to Herculaneum? I really loved it there…
  • The Search for the Lost Da Vinci Fresco: Serious Science or Irresponsible Hype?
    If you've been following the story of drilling through a Vasari fresco in Florence to find what some contend is a "lost" Leonardo fresco behind it, this is an interesting piece. (It's actually interesting either way!) (via @Ars_Opulenta on Twitter)