Italy Travel News 04/04/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: April 1st through April 4th




  • Man has bag stolen while in confessional
    A man in a Bologna church confessional noticed his bag was missing. He and the priest rushed outside the church, and found the thief rifling through the bag.
  • Vernazza rinasce per Pasqua
    This is in Italian, but play the video even if you don't speak the language – to see the town of Vernazza coming back to life after those floods & mudslides last October is just so uplifting. (via @italytutto on Twitter)
  • Costa Concordia removal ‘by spring 2013’
    It looks like the cruise ship that capsized off the coast of Tuscany in January 2012 will be there for more than a year. A salvage company is supposed to be chosen by April 20, and the target date for getting the remains of the ship out of the water is "spring 2013."
  • 78-year-old widow leaps to death after pension cut
    A woman living in Sicily found out her pension was going to be reduced by 200euro per month, from 800euro to 600euro, and was so worried about making ends meet that she jumped from her fourth-floor apartment to her death.
  • Fighting champ was recruiter for Roman army
    According to the translations of recently-discovered tablets among the ruins of an Ancient Roman city in Turkey, there were military recruiters in Roman times, too. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)
  • Fermi i fondi di ‘Domani’, non parte il progetto
    This is so sad… (The article's in Italian, but here's the gist.) You may recall the devastating earthquake that struck Abruzzo several years ago, and the benefit song "Domani" that Italian artists quickly assembled to record (I bought the CD myself). It turns out that the bulk of the 1.2 million euros raised from sales of that CD are stuck in limbo and haven't gone toward helping the people of L'Aquila and Abruzzo at all. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)
  • Colosseum by the Numbers
    How much do you think you know about Rome's Colosseum? Test yourself with this quiz on Context Travel's Facebook page, and you could even win a private Context tour in Rome. The contest is open through April 20.
  • Italy football legend Giorgio Chinaglia dies aged 65
    Giorgio Chinaglia was born in Italy and played many years for Lazio, but also spent time in Wales and later played for the New York Cosmos. He had retired to Florida, and apparently suffered from a heart ailment.
  • Concordia ‘No Salute’ rules restrict navigation in Venice
    The Costa Concordia disaster is having more far-reaching impacts in Venice than you might expect. The Italian government's "No Salute" decree, barring cruise ships from getting too close to land to greet the local population, means that ships in Venice will have to be re-routed to increase their distance from the city as well as from one another.
  • Travel to Umbria: The Amateur Traveler Podcast
    Blogging pal Rebecca Winke recently spoke with the Amateur Traveler podcast about her adopted home of Umbria.
  • Italy Discount Offer April 2012
    If you'll be in Italy in April & were planning to book a few guided tours during your trip, Context Travel has a sale going on just for this month to celebrate Rome's birthday. Book two private or confirmed walks online & the third walk is 50% off. This offer is good on walks in Rome, Venice, Florence, or Naples.