Italy Travel News 04/08/2011

  • France prepares to shut down border with Italy

    After the Italian government said it would give temporary permits to "economic migrants from Tunisia" allowing them to cross borders in Schengen countries, France said it's prepared to re-establish border controls so as to keep temporary permit-holders out of France. (via @michellefabio on Twitter)

  • Where Gabriele and I First Met

    Such a cute post by actress Debi Mazar about her Tuscan husband, Gabriele, and where they first met – it's featured on their Cooking Channel TV show, "Extra Virgin."

  • Episode 39: Exploring Etruria with Mary Jane Cryan

    On this episode of the Eye on Italy podcast, we talked to Mary Jane Cryan about Etruscan culture – the Etruscans pre-date the Romans in central Italy, and there's still evidence of some of their buildings in the region.

  • L’Aquila due anni dopo

    The devastating earthquake in L'Aquila occurred two years ago, and this photoset is from the ceremonies to mark the two-year anniversary on April 6th. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)



  • Jersey Shore’s Italy Trip Delayed

    Producers of the MTV show "Jersey Shore" are running into problems with its impending arrival in Italy. Namely, hotels & clubs are reluctant to sign waivers to allow filming. Maybe if they band together & no one agrees to allow filming the cast will have to stay in New Jersey? Y'think? Also interesting, I hadn't heard that the homebase for the show had been chosen as Florence – which seems completely inappropriate for this bunch. (via @caribragazza on Twitter)

  • CioccolaTO 2011

    I love these photos of this year's chocolate festival in Turin, but my favorites are of the chocolate "map" of Italy (near the bottom) – complete with chocolate renditions of the Colosseum, leaning tower, & Greek temple in Sicily! Just fantastic. (via @michellefabio & @TurinLove on Twitter)

  • Gluten Free Italy: A Celiac’s guide to Umbria

    Recent guest on the Eye on Italy podcast, Rebecca Winke, put together this excellent resource for gluten-free dining in Umbria (it's handy for elsewhere in Italy, too).

  • Italian Women Among the Thinnest in Europe

    To any woman who has attempted to buy jeans in Italy, I daresay this doesn't really come as a shock. (via @wanderingitaly on Twitter)

  • ‘Jersey Shore’: Italy is surprisingly not excited about impending arrival of young, drunk Americans

    Now that the arrival of the "Jersey Shore" crew in Italy is more imminent, the Italian press is starting to sound off about how they'd really prefer the gang wasn't coming at all. (via @thisenvy on Twitter)

  • Funniest Soccer Warm-Up Ever

    If you've ever watched an Italian soccer team warm on on the field before a game, you know that some of the stretching and whatnot can look a little odd. But not *this* odd. In a pre-game stunt organized by La Gazzetta dello Sport, lookalikes for the players of AC Milan & Bari took to the pitch to turn cartwheels & shadow-box as the fans looked on in confusion. It's very funny, indeed. (via @BobbySoccerRep on Twitter)