Italy Travel News 04/15/2011

  • City of Naples – Museums: free entry until 30 May

    Just an FYI to anyone who'll be in Naples before the end of May – there are several museums in Naples that are waiving admission fees either all day or parts of each day through May 30th.

  • Group kidnaps Italian activist in Gaza

    This is scary – the group is threatening to kill the Italian activist (who's with a pro-Palestinian group) if their demands aren't met within 30 hours. They're asking for the release of some of their members, who are being held by the government. [Sad note – minutes after I saw this story, I saw another on Reuters that his body had been found…]

  • Wine tours in Campania, Italy

    My friend Robbin is running a couple of wine & food-centric tours of Campania this September – one is already sold out! The itinerary looks mouth-wateringly good…

  • language portal

    I haven't had much time to play around in, but it's more than just an online dictionary/translator. There are vocabulary games and tests for several languages (including Italian, of course) – I was already stumped by the 2nd word I got playing the "easy" version of Hangman.



  • Caught Playing with iPads at Work, Italian Lawmakers Bust Out More

    My favorite picture (linked within the story) is of an Italian member of parliament checking out a story about Italian politicians using iPads at work – ON HER IPAD.

  • Announcing: Barilla® and Foodbuzz Recipe Contest!

    Are you a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher? If so, you can win a trip to Italy from Foodbuzz & Barilla by creating a new recipe using Barilla Tortellini. Posts must go up on your blog between April 14-27, 2011.

  • Un borgo medioevale al costo di un appartamento

    This is in Italian, but here's the gist – there's an entire village in Abruzzo for sale for 550,000 euro. Yes, an entire village. (via @nmar and @RobertaK on Twitter)

  • Jamie Magazine’s Guide to Rome

    This article isn't written by Jamie Oliver, but it's in his magazine – so if you'd assume it's a good food guide to the city, you'd be right. (via @maryvaira and @100placesitaly on Twitter)

  • Blog Stains- Dare to be different in Positano

    Such a fun list – it's a "10 things to do in Positano," but with a twist. Written by an expat living in Positano, this list includes lots of things you won't find in the usual guidebooks. Once you're done with the regular checklist, try some of these on for size. (via @ciaoamalfi on Twitter)

  • I Went To My First Italian Wedding Reception In Italy 11 Days Ago…I’m Still Full.

    I have yet to attend an Italian wedding, but I've heard enough about them now (including this anecdote) that I know already I'll need to fast for a few days before arriving at the reception…

  • Would You Try Fish & Chips Gelato?

    Don't you love how everyone & their brother thinks they can come up with a new flavor for ice cream & call it gelato? I've heard of some bizarre ice cream flavors, but based on the description of this one, the creators barely even attempted to make it taste good…