Italy Travel News 04/17/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: April 12th through April 17th:




  • How to Eat Pizza Like an Italian
    I've seen more Italians eating pizza by cutting the pie into bite-sized pieces rather than picking up and folding the slices, but I was always told if you ARE going to slice the pizza and eat the slices without utensils, folding is the ONLY way to go in Italy. (via @RomeforExpats on Twitter)
  • "Homeless Paintings of the Italian Renaissance"
    This fascinating project aims to find out where so-called "homeless" paintings from the Italian Renaissance are today, if they still exist. These "homeless" paintings have been captured in photographs, but their present location isn't known – so when the catalog is complete (sometime later in 2012) the hope is people will comb through it & identify any paintings for which they know the location or any updated information. (via @legalnomads on Twitter)
  • The Neapolitan Mob’s Most Dangerous Family
    I thought this was a really interesting article profiling one particular family in Neapolitan organized crime, bringing up the question of whether some aspects of life in Naples were actually better when there were powerful Camorra men in charge. I’ve since heard from an author of books on the Camorra that this line of reasoning is considered “gangster propaganda,” and he thought the Vanity Fair article was lazy journalism. What do you think? (via @TheBrowser on Twitter)
  • One jobless person per day kills self in Italy
    This is but one of the sad by-products of Italy's economic woes.
  • Italy mourns Piermario Morosini after player collapses on pitch
    Italy & the sports world were shocked over the weekend when a 25-year-old player for the Livorno soccer team collapsed during a match. He was declared dead of a heart attack upon arrival at a local hospital. All games over the weekend were called off as a result.
  • Witness tells of ‘incriminating’ Berlusconi sex tape
    So, as much as I'd like to see Berlusconi brought down once & for all, I certainly don't want this alleged tape to be made public. Egads, talk about something you can never un-see…
  • Arts guide: exhibits in Italy
    This list isn't comprehensive, but it does highlight some of the temporary exhibits now on display in Italy's museums – some of which are up through the summer high season.
  • Rome’s famous gelato finds new ways to tease the tastebuds
    In addition to the tried-and-true flavors of gelato we all know & love, some gelaterie in Rome are known for their more innovative options. What's the most interesting gelato flavor you've ever tasted – and did you like it?
  • Ostia Antica
    If you want to explore more ruins of Ancient Rome than just the Forum, but don't have time to get all the way to Pompeii, then Ostia Antica – a 25-minute train ride from the capital – is an excellent addition to your trip.
  • Over one million in EU funds embezzled in Calabria
    "Over one million euros in EU funding earmarked for the development of tourism accomodation in the region of Calabria was spent on private homes," says this article. Officials arrested more than 60 people alleged to be involved.
  • Italy’s museum czar’s recipe: Cultural tourism can help end recession
    The director-general of the Culture Ministry, a former McDonald's CEO, is promoting the idea of private investment in Italy's museums as one potential option for the country to ease its economic woes. (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter)