Italy Travel News 04/19/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: April 18th through April 19th:



  • StillFly: the newest weapon in the fight against illegal waste dumping
    You've heard of "unmanned drones" being used in the military, right? Well, here's another use – tracking down illegal waste dumping in and around Naples. (via @Premesso on Twitter)
  • Vatican Orders Reform Of Nuns In The U.S.
    The Vatican is taking aim at a group of nuns called the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, saying they've taken positions that are in direct opposition with the church – such as a male-only priesthood and homosexuality. The Vatican's report on the group says these "radical feminist themes" are "incompatible with the Catholic faith." (via @Moscerina on Twitter)
  • Berlusconi probed for inducing sex-party witness to lie
    I'm pretty sure headline writers get all giddy over the ability to use the word "probe" when talking about a sex-related case.
  • Prandelli says soccer must reflect, after Morosini’s funeral
    The Italian soccer federation has long prided itself on how rigorous its medical tests are of all athletes at all levels – but after a player collapsed and died during a game recently, Cesare Prandelli (the national team coach) says Italy shouldn't rest on those laurels. There's still room for improvement.
  • Riccardo Ricco’s career all-but ended by 12-year doping ban
    Italian cyclist Riccardo Ricco was kicked out of the Tour de France in 2008 because of doping allegations, but that apparently didn't stop him from doping again in 2011. He's accused of self-administering a blood transfusion last year (which he denies), and will likely never compete again at a professional level after being hit with a 12-year ban from the sport.
  • Decoding Italy’s menu mysteries
    This is a fantastic overview of some of the things travelers need to know about dining in Italy – from table manners to seasonal eating.
  • A true home-cooked meal in Italy: Home Food
    I know you've heard be blather on about how awesome Home Food in Italy is, but I'm not the only fan – this time it's my friend Madeline who went to a Home Food meal in Turin, and loved it.
  • Expat Writers Book and App Fair in Rome
    If you'll be in Rome on May 12 and you're interested in talking to expats in Italy who are authors (of books, iPhone apps, or ebooks), then the Expat Writers Book & App Fair is for you. I wish I was going to be in Rome for the event!
  • Little known truths about Venice
    I loved this post with tips to help you truly enjoy Venice, which can be really tough if you only stay 1-2 days. As the first tip says, "Venice deserves a real stay, not only a hit and run." Amen to that! (via @thebeehiverome on Twitter)
  • Ducati to be sold to Audi, owners confirm
    The Italian motorcycle company, Ducati, is eventually going to be a German motorcycle company, once the purchase by Audi is complete.
  • Mans cuts off testicle with scissors
    Oh, dear heavenly… I mean… Just… There are no words.