Italy Travel News 04/20/2010

  • Thirteen things you can do to start tracing your Italian ancestry

    If you've got Italian ancestors, this is a handy list of things you can do to start the search for their records in Italy. It's especially useful if you're hoping to get dual citizenship.

  • Attorneys file appeal of Knox sentence

    Amanda Knox's lawyers filed an appeal last week to try to overturn her 26-year prison sentence. There are reports of a new witness who didn't testify at the original trial.

  • Domingo booed by opera fans in Milan

    Italians aren't shy with their opinions – opera legend Placido Domingo took to the stage of Milan's famous La Scala opera house and was booed by some members of the audience.

  • Daily Travel Photo – Pantheon

    The Pantheon is my favorite building in Rome, so it's fun to see it on Gary's daily photo from over the weekend.



  • Now pizza is bad for women

    I don't know about you, but this article makes me want to hunt down the people who did the study… Pizza worse for women than men? That's just crazy talk.

  • Italy resumes flights to and from Milan, Turin

    Rome's airports remained mostly open during the volcano-induced shutdown, but airports in northern Italy are finally re-opening.

  • Instant Turin iPhone App: Free for 2 weeks

    Will you be visiting Turin this year, whether to see the Holy Shroud or for some other reason? Then be sure to download this app while it's still free (not sure when the "2 weeks" is up).

  • Rome: Five easy ways to save euros

    The EuroCheapo blog has five tips for saving money when visiting Rome – including drinking your coffee like the locals (standing at the bar) and refilling your water bottle from the city's public drinking fountains.

  • Florence: A (free) medieval graffiti walking tour

    Think graffiti is only modern & spray paint? Think again. This mini-tour of four places in Florence shows how there have been people making marks on walls for centuries – including Michelangelo!

  • Barefoot in Venice

    I enjoyed two posts on Rick Steves' blog about being "stuck" in Venice because of the Iceland volcano; this first one is from April 15th when he first arrived in the city – just before the eruption – and includes a few lovely vignettes about a city he clearly loves (as do I).

  • Venice: Where Stuck Is a Blessing

    This second blog post is from a couple days later and is also a series of experiences he had while in Venice on this trip. There are a few Venice travel tips in this one as well.