Italy Travel News 04/30/2010

  • Flashmob Circles the Colosseum

    The city of Rome had a birthday last week, and to celebrate a flashmob gathered to give the Colosseum a "hug." Very cute.

  • Meeting boys on Italian trains

    I enjoyed this short vignette – both for the amusement of the girls knowing what the boys were saying about them in Italian and for what Madeline points out that the encounter says about Italian culture in general.

  • Mosquitoes, Spray and Toothpaste

    This article amused me, because I've experienced what Alex is talking about. Say an English word with a non-Italian accent – one that's used commonly in Italy – and it's likely to get blank stares until you pronounce it with an Italian accent. Alex's examples in this post are funny and common ones.

  • Do Italians Still Love the Italian Language?

    English words are creeping into Italian more frequently, so one Italian agency has come up with a list of rules when it's not appropriate to use an English word in place of an Italian one.



  • Parola del Giorno

    If you're looking for another tool in your quest to learn Italian, the "Parola del Giorno" site – "Word of the Day" in Italian – is a fun one. They're on Twitter & the Kindle, too.

  • A Possible Mea Culpa from the Vatican

    Interesting – a Cardinal "who oversees sexual abuse cases" (no time for a commentary about the need for such a post) says he "wouldn't be surprised" if the Pope offered a sort of "mea culpa" regarding all the abuse cases brought against Catholic priests.

  • Inter Milan to face Bayern Munich in Champions League Final

    Italian soccer team Inter Milan has made it to the final of the Champions League, the top competition in European football. The final will be in Madrid on May 22, but if you're in Italy that day you'll want to find a place to watch the game on TV.

  • Italy Bans Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients

    I know Italians take their food seriously, but banning "molecular gastronomy ingredients" from the country entirely seems a bit extreme to me. What do you think? (via @nico_mar on Twitter)

  • Five Fun Things to do on Your Calabria Tour

    Planning a trip to Italy can be overwhelming, so getting tips like this from someone who lives there is extremely helpful. Cherrye offers ideas for 5 fun things to do in Calabria, the toe of the boot.

  • Beautiful Places in Italy for a Photo Op

    All the world is a stage, but some places make prettier backdrops than others. Melanie points out some of the more beautiful places you might want to photograph while you're in Italy (and this is by no means an exhaustive list!).

  • Bomb found outside Clooney’s Lake Como villa

    No, this isn't a story about someone planting a bomb at George's Italian villa to encourage him to leave Italy faster – it's a WWII bomb that was found in the lake just off Clooney's estate.