Italy Travel News 05/02/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: April 24th through May 2nd:




  • 6 Ways to Make Your Italian Vacation More Interesting
    Italy is an incredibly popular tourist destination, yes – but there are still ways to make your vacation pictures stand out from everyone else's. You can visit a region most people don't get to, or focus on one aspect of the culture (like the food!). This article highlights a few ways to make your Italian holiday a bit more unique.
  • Five Foods To Avoid in Italy
    In this guest post I wrote for Matt of, I'm highlighting things you should NOT eat in Italy – as a way to help you find the good stuff.
  • Venice Decoded: Uncovering the City’s Signs and Symbols
    I love all the tidbits in this post, but I was especially excited to learn about the symbolism of a Venetian gondola – I'd never heard any of that before. I'll never look at a gondola the same way again…
  • Rome… For People Who Don’t Like Cities
    This is an excellent set of tips for anyone who feels overwhelmed by Rome (ahem, like me) or is just overwhelmed by the idea of any big city.
  • Over 2.5 million Italians unemployed, highest since 2004
    Italy's unemployment numbers have been dismal for years, but new statistics show they're getting even worse.
  • In Orgosolo, preserving ancient silk art
    Did you think silk was only made in China? Would you be surprised if you found out you could find silk-makers in Sardinia? (via @Charming_Italy on Twitter)
  • Mystery Tuscany: 12 Places. 12 Stories. A Fantastical Journey.
    I love this… 12 short films about various places around Tuscany, each with a mysterious story to tell. You can watch each one online or on your iPhone (each costs 0.79euro), & judging by the preview they're beautifully made.
  • An Afternoon at Gladiator School in Rome
    I've heard of this gladiator school in Rome before, but I've never done it. This post from my friend Amie shows why so many traveling families love to bring their kids to this school!
  • The perils of being LGBT in Italy
    Italians don't exactly have progressive attitudes toward anything other than heterosexual relationships, and some gay people in Italy blame the Catholic church's influence for Italy being 20+ years behind much of the rest of Europe on gay rights issues. (via @vespadiaries on Twitter)
  • Northern League councillor ‘kills self over fraud’
    Things continue to get worse for Italy's Northern League party…
  • 2012 Language Immersion Tour in Puglia: August 19th – 26th
    If you like the idea of challenging yourself with the Italian language, of taking your skills to the next level, all while enjoying an Italian vacation – then you might be interested in this trip. (via @michellefabio on Twitter)
  • Train traffic disrupted after Roma Termini collision
    Two Frecciarossa trains going about 30km per hour collided at Rome's Termini station, causing a delay to train traffic in and out of Rome. No passengers were hurt in the collision, and a few members of the train crew suffered only minor injuries.
  • Italian census data released
    New data on the Italian population shows that the percentage of foreigners living in Italy has increased dramatically in the last decade – it's nearly three times what it was 10 years ago. Another finding in the data is that people living in what are described as "rough" conditions – camper vans, tents, huts – has also tripled in the last decade.
  • The Power of Art – Caravaggio (complete episode)
    I recall loving the BBC's Simon Schama art series – each one was educational & fascinating. I had no idea entire episodes were available online! Here's the Caravaggio episode (others are on the right-hand column, if you've got a few spare hours). (via @3pipenet & @understandrome on Twitter)
  • Half young Italians think mafia ‘stronger than State’
    I'm not surprised by the findings of this survey at all…
  • Apps for Venice
    Well, that's a fun use for Pinterest! A hotel in Venice created a Pinterest board just for Venice iPhone & other smartphone apps.
  • World’s Most Delicious Street Food
    So, I'll acknowledge that most of this slideshow has nothing to do with Italy – but the fact that they've highlighted my favorite pizzeria in Naples (which also serves kick-ass fried goodies at the take-away window) makes me very happy, indeed.