Italy Travel News 05/03/2011

  • Italian police suspended over Trevi Fountain scam

    Oh, dear… Y'know all those coins people throw in Rome's Trevi fountain? The ones officials are quick to point out are collected periodically and donated to charity? Yeah, it appears some of the police have been pocketing the coins – to the tune of 14,000euros. (via @Walks_of_Italy on Twitter)

  • Libya and Italy fallout

    My friend Alex in Milan, always on top of the politics in Italy, comes through again with a good update of what's going on in Italy now that the long-standing ties between Italy and Libya have been severed. Italy's embassy in Tripoli was on fire when he wrote the piece, and he notes that Col. Gaddafi has "threatened to bring war to Italy."

  • ABC’s Of Campania Food & Wine

    Blogging friend Robbin has a series going on her site right now called "The ABCs of Campania Food & Wine" – she's not even halfway through yet, so keep this page bookmarked and you can go through the whole alphabet before your Campania trip. The region is about more than pizza and limoncello, after all.

  • The Accidental Local: Finding Authenticity in Italy

    This is a guest article I did for the World Nomads site about some of the great people I've met in Italy – and how anyone can have a "meet the locals" experience in Italy, whether they're naturally extroverted or not.



  • Preparing to Move Abroad

    For those of us who dream of living in Italy, we probably know enough already to know it's nothing like a vacation. Still, it's good to hear tips from someone who's moved to another country. In this case, it's Panama, but the advice is still good.

  • the home of calcio and coffee podcast

    Fans of Italian soccer will want to check out the Calcio & Coffee podcast – it's a new favorite of mine, co-hosted by two Serie A announcers whose voices you'll recognize if you watch the games in English.

  • Ancient ship uncovered near Rome coast

    A 2000-year-old wooden ship has been found near the coastal city of Ostia outside Rome. It was discovered by workers building a new road and bridge, the construction of which has now been halted as archaeologists scramble to make sure the boat can be extracted without damaging it. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • Hunt for the true Mona Lisa begins

    Researchers in Florence are using a "special radar device" to scan the floor of an old convent for what they hope will be the grave of the woman Leonardo da Vinci painted in perhaps the world's most famous portrait. (via @newsfromitaly on Twitter)

  • Czech Liquid Gold a Blessed Gift to Vatican to Honor John Paul II

    So, apparently the late Pope John Paul II was a fan of Czech beer. Naturally, then, a Czech brewery has whipped up a special batch – blessed by a Czech bishop, no less – to be sent to the Vatican in time for the late Pope's beatification ceremony on May 1. (via @Walks_of_Italy on Twitter)

  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Italy

    This is an article I wrote for the fine folks at World Nomads. These things are pretty well ingrained in my head now, but I recall them being stunning discoveries when I first traveled through Italy.