Italy Travel News 05/05/2011

  • 8 tips for mindful travel

    I love the tips laid out here by Diana Baur about taking Italy more slowly – I get questions all the time from people who run the risk of what she calls "Italian Holiday Overload," and I try to pass on similar advice. Even though I like nearly everything about this article, however, it's point number eight that has to be my favorite. Go read it. You'll understand why.

  • $7 billion Venice project on schedule

    Venice's mayor says the city's flood control project – a complicated series of undersea gates between the lagoon and the sea – should be complete by 2014. (via @Walks_of_Italy on Twitter)

  • Transportation Bulletins

    May 6th is a general transportation strike day in Italy, and on May 21st there's a rail strike. It's best if you can schedule your itinerary so that you're not trying to transfer between cities on strike days.

  • An Ode to Liquid Gold: Olive Oil, How It’s Made, and What “Extra Virgin” Really Means

    Great overview of that Italian product we all love, olive oil.



  • The Flames of Florence – Florence, Italy

    I love this photo, taken at night on a Florence street. The soft lighting is just beautiful…

  • Episode 43: The Italian Culture in Italian Soccer, with Paul Visca & Max Patrick

    The latest Eye on Italy podcast is about Italian soccer, and we chatted with two Serie A commentators to get their take on the intersection of Italian culture with Italian soccer.

  • Top 12 Southern Italian Cheeses

    Some of these cheese names are ones you'll no doubt be familiar with – but others are less well-known outside Italy. How many have you tried?

  • Italy Roundtable: Why I Write About Italy


    This month marks the launch of a new project I'm involved with – the Italy Blogging Roundtable. The topic this month was "why I write about Italy," and it was really interesting to read about how each of the participants took on that question. This post by Rebecca is alternately laugh-out-loud funny and beautifully poignant. I loved this: "Knowing this captivating country is as daunting—and, ultimately, impossible—as trying to frame a river. Italy rushes past, churning up sand and bubbling over boulders, changing its path according to history, trend, and whim, alternatively drying up and flooding the plain, and confounding anyone who tries to navigate its changeable waters."

  • Because it’s not Florence everywhere… and because it’s home.

    Another Roundtable participant, Gloria, talks about how for her, writing about Italy is writing about home – she was born and raised in Tuscany. But it's not that simple. Gloria is keen to remind people that "Tuscany is not just Florence and Chianti, Pisa is not just the Leaning Tower."

  • On Writing (about Italy) & the blogger roundtable

    Alexandra's Roundtable post on why she writes about Italy included the lovely idea of seeing the subtle changes in a landscape you look at over time – she may not be painting the Rouen Cathedral like Monet, but she's been capturing her Italian home in words and photographs for a dozen years. As she puts it, "Whatever your medium, if you’re trying to get a grip on the true essence of something, repetition seems to be a good approach."

  • What Is There to Write About Italy That Hasn’t Been Written Before?

    Longtime Italy blogging pal Melanie brought Mark Twain into the Roundtable mix, saying that in Twain's "The Innocents Abroad" he says that Rome "is almost not worth the visit in that it has been seen by so many eyes and touched by so many hands that it had lost its charm as a travel destination." Melanie disagrees, saying "A 'discovery' need not be measured by someone else’s achievements but by what you yourself get out of the experience."