Italy Travel News 05/07/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: May 3rd through May 7th



  • Italy Roundtable on Facebook
    At long last, a year after we first started, the Italy Roundtable has its own Facebook page! Have you enjoyed our themed ruminations over the past year? Come "like" the Facebook page, where we're working on posting an archive of all the posts we've done.
  • Truck in Naples stopped with cocaine hidden behind mayonnaise jars
    Apparently 23 tons of mayo isn't enough to hide 62 kg of cocaine from the police.
  • Door-to-door hands on cooking lesson in Venice
    Here's yet another perk of renting an apartment in Venice during your trip – you could have an Italian cooking lesson right at "home!" The folks from Cook in Venice will come to you, teaching you how to cook a 4-course Venetian meal during a 3-hour lesson.
  • Pink Flamingos in Italy?
    As I am one Oregonian in love with Italy, I've been enjoying following along with Bethany & Ted of on their recent Italian adventures. This post is a sweet portrait of a relaxed side of Italy, which – really, I promise – isn't so terribly hard to find.
  • Calabria Travel Deals
    Planning a trip to Calabria or elsewhere in Southern Italy? My friend Cherrye at My Bella Vita offers discounts on her travel consulting services & travel packages each week to her Facebook community.
  • Man hangs himself in playground
    The number of suicides by people who are distraught over their own personal economic woes (as a result of Italy's economic woes) continues to increase. This man was in Vicenza, part of the Veneto, which has the "highest nationwide number of small-business owners who have committed suicide."
  • Marinella, the Neapolitan king of ties
    You've got to get up really early to get ties at this shop – between 6-9am, say the proprietors, is the best time!
  • Venice looks to restore Rialto Bridge
    …And if you've got a spare few-million-euro lying around, you could be the heralded benefactor behind the Venice monument's restoration.
  • Italian art experts accused of censoring phallic fresco
    A 13th century "tree of fertility" fresco in Tuscany recently went through a restoration – but in the process, the experts who did the restoration work have been accused of painting over "the numerous penises and testicles" which used to hang from the tree's branches.
  • Venice Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Campanile di San Marco
    Did you know Venice's Campanile is just 100 years old?
  • Film: Must See: Habemus Papam
    I saw this Nanni Moretti film earlier this year at an international film festival, and it was all kinds of delightful – with an unexpected "that'll make you think" element, too.
  • Unemployed Italians become shepherds
    The high unemployment rate among Italy's young people has led some of them to follow in their parents' footsteps tending livestock.
  • Ferraris snag Italy’s tax dodgers
    It seems like a no-brainer, but those with the windfall of extra cash from not paying their taxes can't seem to resist big spending on luxury goods. It's these purchases that are helping police catch tax evaders in Italy.
  • Why Italians Think I’m Weird
    I just love this list… I can relate to so many of the things the author does to alternately horrify or confuse the Italians – #10 most of all.
  • Pizzeria Sorbillo in Naples Damaged in Fire
    I saw news of this last week, but it was all in Italian. Here's some info in English on Katie Parla's site. (Katie is the one who gushed about Naples to me prior to my first visit, which I'm sure helped me fall in love with the city.)
  • My First Post-Flood Stroll Down Vernazza’s Main Street
    Rick Steves shares a brief video he shot while visiting Vernazza – you can see the damage still visible on the town's main street, but also that life has returned (along with the visitors) to the main square. The mayor even makes a cameo appearance!
  • Hospitalised Andreotti ‘joking, breathing normally’
    Senator for Life and former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, subject of the film "Il Divo," has been hospitalized with heart trouble. The 93-year-old politician is said to be in "serious but stable" condition.
  • Priest sentenced for child sex abuse
    A priest in Genoa was arrested based on phone tapped conversations with drug dealers in which he allegedly arranged for meet-ups with minors. His lawyers say they'll appeal.