Italy Travel News 05/11/2010

  • Eye On Italy Episode 4: Tuscany

    This week my Eye On Italy co-hosts & I talked to Lonely Planet guidebook writer Leif Pettersen about Tuscany – including some tips on places where he was the only tourist in town!

  • Top 5 Italian Beaches

    I'm not sure I'd agree with this whole list, but it's at least a few beaches to consider if you're planning an Italy trip and you're packing your swimsuit.

  • Excerpt from 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go

    Cherrye of My Bella Vita is giving away 4 different Italy travel books on her blog: 100 Places Every Woman Should Go, Travelers' Tales Tuscany, 30 Days in Italy, & Travelers' Tales Italy.

  • Finding “Real” Italy in Venice & Naples

    This is a guest post I wrote for my friend Laura of the Ciao Amalfi blog; it's about why I'm crazy about both Venice and Naples, despite their obvious differences.



  • Tuscany+ augmented reality free iPhone app

    iPhone fans, there's a new app travelers in Tuscany may enjoy. It's free, and it uses augmented reality to show you where nearby sights are in relation to where you are. There's a YouTube video on this post to show you how it works. (via @RobertaK & @nico_mar on Twitter)

  • The Italian island of…unemployment

    Unemployment rates in Italy have been high for decades, but one group of recently laid-off workers in Sardinia is trying to draw attention to their cause in an interesting way. They've set up camp at a former prison on a small island off Sardinia's coast, and call themselves the "Island of the Unemployed" – they write about their issues online, & their Facebook page has more than 97,000 fans. (via @suzyguese on Twitter)

  • 1976: Italy Coin Shortage Turns Change into Candy

    Thanks to @MissExpatria on Twitter, I now know that in the 1970s there was a shortage on coins in Italy – so that shops were using candy to make change.

  • Underground Grotto Near Naples

    This is a really interesting post about an underground grotto outside Naples; it was built by a very wealthy and very cruel Roman man and once accessible only by invitation. Today, it's open to everyone (although getting in isn't exactly easy). (via @italofileblog on Twitter)

  • Portrait found in Italian palace storeroom might be a Raphael original

    You know those thrift store finds, where someone peels back a crummy painting to reveal an original copy of the Declaration of Independence or something? In Italy, the stuff they find is likely to be artwork by some of the country's great masters.

  • Our Year In Italy: The Four Rules (plus one)

    These four rules for living in Italy are simultaneously hilarious and – here's the kind of sad part – absolutely true. I love this list, and may have to print it out and stick it on my bathroom mirror.

  • Rome By Appointment

    I love this article – it's a list of some of the places in Rome that are technically tourist sights, but are only viewable by appointment. You want your vacation stories to sound different from everyone else's? Include a couple of the sights on this list and you're well on your way. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)