Italy Travel News 05/11/2012

Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: May 8th through May 11th:




  • Minetti’s college pal testifies to night at Berlusconi party
    More salacious details are coming out about the "bunga bunga" parties at Berlusconi's mansion. The latest witness apparently called the mansion "a whorehouse" during a wire-tapped phone call.
  • Carabiniere officer among 15 ‘Ndrangheta arrests
    Among those arrested in the recent crackdown by the anti-mafia police is one policeman – a Carabiniere officer in Calabria who "is accused of mafia association."
  • Anniversaries in Italian History: Dates Every Curious Traveler to Italy Should Know
    This month's Italy Roundtable marked our one-year annivesary since the first post, so we talked about – what else? – anniversaries! For her post, Melanie covers important dates in Italian history that every traveler should know. Why? Because you'll see them everywhere as the names of streets and piazzas.
  • Italy Roundtable: Happy Anniversary to Us!
    Rebecca notes that not all years are created equally, although the same amount of time passes for each one. She's had a pretty big-deal year, and it's kind of exciting (to me, anyway) that each of the Italy Roundtable members has had something to do with that.
  • Predicting our future: a first date at Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden in Maremma
    I've always wanted to visit the Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture garden in Tuscany, ever since I saw photos of it years ago, so I love that Alexandra's Italy Roundtable post is about her first visit there – on her first date with her future husband! Coincidentally, they have an anniversary coming up this month, too.
  • Celebrating your wedding anniversary in Tuscany
    In her Italy Roundtable post, Gloria's highlighted the things you can do in Tuscany if you're celebrating an anniversary there – including museums and crafts involving paper, wood, crystal, and china.
  • Kneecapping of Italian nuclear power firm boss prompts terrorism fears
    A shooting in Genoa has brought back memories of the terrorism of the Red Brigades 40 years ago. (via @andreavogt on Twitter)
  • Tips for Visiting Rome in Summer
    Among some of the often-repeated tips on this list were a few I hadn't thought of before – including "bring deodorant from home." Why? Italian deodorant doesn't include anti-perspirant, which is something you'll miss in the height of a Roman summer.
  • 20 arrested in Catania mafia sweep
    The anti-mafia police continue to make arrests in southern Italy – this time in Catania. Among those arrested was a long-time mafia boss who was released from jail in 2010 after serving 18 years. He had been trying to reorganize what police are calling a "decimated" clan.
  • Senior citizen throws self in Po River after tax bill
    This is another in the increasing number of Italians who attempt suicide after getting a tax bill or having their pension cut. This man survived, but many have not.