Italy Travel News 05/13/2010

  • Classic Italy: a whistlestop Grand Tour

    I wouldn't recommend trying to squeeze Rome, Florence and Siena into less than a week, but this article says it's possible. Sure, it's possible… When you book a tour and have the money for hotels right in the city center! What do you guys think? Is this article actually helpful advice, or a style of travel most people don't do?

  • The Islands of Venice, Italy

    This is a nice (if brief) article about four the major islands in the Venice lagoon – Murano, Burano, Torcello, & Lido.

  • Italy’s fast food: Osmice in the Carso

    This is a lovely article about a part of Italy that's been both Slovenian and Italian (it's now Italian); an "osmica" is a Slovenian tradition that's been incorporated into Italian life in this region near Trieste. (via fellow Portlander Andrea Scasso)

  • A Year in Italy Video Giveaway

    My friend Melanie has posted this review of a DVD set called "A Year in Italy" – and it includes a chance for you to win the DVD. I'd never even heard of this program before, but it sounds delightful!



  • Italy busts cocaine trafficking ring in nunnery

    Although the nuns evidently had no idea, drug smugglers had been using a convent in Piacenza to store cocaine. Police found 40kg of the stuff and arrested more than 30 people (none of them nuns).

  • Rome: My kind of town

    Author Tom Fort talks about why he loves Rome – including tips on how to get around, where to eat, and what to buy (he suggests colorful socks!).

  • How to read a TrenItalia ticket

    This is a really handy post – there's a picture of a typical Italian train ticket & reservation, with notes about what each thing is on the ticket. Very helpful!

  • Best Crostini Recipe Ever + Cookbook Giveaway

    My blogging & podcasting pal Michelle speaks so highly of this cookbook that even I, a non-cook, am intrigued. Especially after seeing the photo of the crostini in this post… You can win a copy of the cookbook she's raving about by leaving a comment on her post.

  • Sardinia in Five Senses

    I thought this was an interesting way to talk about a place – experiencing Sardinia through each of the five senses.

  • The Least Italian You Need to Know

    If you really don't want to learn anything more than you have to, here are one person's suggestions for the bare minimum of the Italian language you'd need to get by on a trip in Italy.