Italy Travel News 05/16/2010

  • Eat Like a Local in Rome

    Handy list of 5 restaurants in Rome that serve up "quintessential Roman cuisine" – simple, unpretentious, and fantastic. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • How to pitch Italian bonds amid euro-zone contagion

    Interesting profile of the woman in the Italian government (yes, a woman) who's responsible for Italy not being in the same economic meltdown situation as Greece. (via @nico_mar on Twitter)

  • Driving the Lakes and Hills of Northern Italy

    I get a little annoyed when I have to click through so many pages to see a whole article, but this slideshow of a driving tour in northern Italy *is* pretty…

  • Free Things to Do in Milan Italy

    Milan is an expensive city to visit, but there are some fun things you can do that won't cost a thing.



  • A Comparison of Italian and American People

    I'm waffling on this article. I can't decide if I like it or not. You?

  • Travel Stories: A Hotel Restaurant That Did Not Suck

    I loved this story by my friend Kelly of Travellious; not only for hearing about the meal she ate (in a restaurant she thought would be terrible but then wasn't), but for all the theatre that was going on around her while she had dinner. It's a really sweet story…

  • Rick Steves: Rome by Night

    Rick Steves has a new travel magazine out, & is blogging about the 20 destinations featured in the debut issue. One of them is Rome, and in particular it's Rome at night.

  • Florence Cheap Eats: The 3 best panini shops in town

    Traveling in Italy can be expensive, so it's always good to look for ways to save money. It's a bonus when you can get a great meal and save money at the same time – here are 3 "panino" shops in Florence recommended for cheap (and great) eats.

  • When to Go to Rome: A Reason for Every Season

    Here's a nice article outlining what's nice about visiting Rome during various parts of the year – whether you use this as a trip planning guide or just to see what's going on when you've already got a trip scheduled, it's a handy little starting point. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • May Transportation Strikes in Italy

    Italy transportation strikes can be a pain, but hey – at least they're scheduled. There's one coming up May 26-27, so if you'll be in Italy at the end of this month you'll want to make sure you're not trying to get anywhere urgently on those days.