Italy Travel News 05/16/2011

  • ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Stroll Around Florence for Filming

    Well, after several delays, the Jersey Shore has finally arrived in Florence. They apparently got into town on May 14th, and of course there are already a gazillion photos of them wandering around Florence.

  • Italian Lakes Kid-Friendly Spa Hotel

    A spa hotel that's kid-friendly sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but my blogging friend Amie of Ciao Bambino says she found one in the Italian lakes region.

  • How to Buy Train Tickets in Italy

    It's nearly the summer travel season, & that means lots of people riding the rails in Italy – so here's another guest post I wrote on the subject, this time for the AnyTrip blog!

  • Italian Bus Driver Caught on Video Using Two Phones and Steering With His Elbows

    This bus driver ended up getting suspended for his antics. I sort of think he should be rewarded. I mean, he didn't crash, right? And driving while talking on one phone and texting on another – that's some serious skill, right? (Yes, I'm joking. Mostly).



  • Episode 44: Tuscan Food with James Martin

    The latest episode of Eye on Italy is up, and it's about the food of Tuscany. We talked to part-time Tuscany resident James Martin to get the scoop on how food in Tuscany & Italy has changed in the last 30 years or so.

  • People Holding the leaning tower of Pisa

    This is a photo collection I've wanted to do for years, so I'm glad someone else had the same good idea… If you've ever been to Pisa and seen the poses people get into to "hold up" the tower, then you'll find this photo set especially amusing!

  • expat life: interview with michelle fabio

    My Eye on Italy co-hosts were each interviewed for La Vita e Bella about their lives as expats. Want to learn a bit more about them? Here's Michelle's interview.

  • expat life: interview with sara rosso

    And here's Sara's expat interview for La Vita e Bella.

  • A vintage car rally through Italy

    The annual Mille Miglia rally begins on May 12 in Italy, and finishes on May 15. If you'll be in northern Italy this weekend, check out the Mille Miglia route to see if you'll get a glimpse of all those vintage cars.

  • Italian Without Words: Using Hand Gestures in Conversation

    This post doesn't cover all Italian gestures, to be sure, but it's got 10 of the most common – plus photos to help you duplicate them yourself.