Italy Travel News 05/19/2010

  • Latest movies filmed in Tuscany

    Looking for some Italy scenery to grace your movie screen? "Letters to Juliet" isn't the only movie that was filmed in Tuscany recently. This post has several to choose from. (via @casinadirosa on Twitter)

  • Italian photographer caught in Bangkok shootout; dies of wounds

    An Italian freelance photographer who was on assignment in Thailand was caught in the crossfire in Bangkok this week – and despite reportedly wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet, a bullet got through to his stomach. He was rushed to a hospital, but died from his wounds.

  • Rome to be Italy’s candidate for 2020 Olympics

    Rome and Venice were both attempting to be Italy's candidate to host the 2020 Summer Games, and the Italian Olympic Committee has chosen Rome. I'm excited for Rome, but horrified at the mascot (you have to click through to see the photo). What the hell is that weird blue bird?!? (via @BrowsingRome on Twitter)

  • Colosseum Open Later

    This article (it's a translation from the original Italian) says that from June to mid-September the open hours at the Colosseum will be extended into the evening on two days each week. Not only that, starting in August all four levels of the structure will be open to tourists (at the moment only two are open). (via @MadelineJ on Twitter)



  • Ancient plaster falls off Colosseum

    Rome's Colosseum may seem sturdy, but that doesn't mean it's not showing its 2,000+ year age. A piece of plaster recently broke off a part of the Colosseum, thankfully before visiting hours and in a part of the structure that's roped off to tourists.

  • Five Reasons to Visit Verona Besides Juliet

    Personally, I'm not interested in the new "Letters to Juliet" movie – but I do love Verona. So this article listing 5 fantastic reasons to visit this northern Italian city that have nothing to do with Juliet resounds with me quite well!

  • National Geographic Italy Quiz

    I got 7/10 right on this quiz (I'm annoyed I didn't do better, and will blame it on being tired) – how will you do? Some of the questions are definitely easier than others! (via @MyMelange on Twitter)

  • Groupon Europe!

    I'm excited that Groupon – the site that emails out one deal in your area every weekday – is set to expand into Europe. That means soon Italy will be among the sites where you can buy Groupon deals. Details aren't out yet, but this could be a very cool way to travel Europe on a budget.

  • Puglia Travel: Reasons to Visit Puglia

    Blogging pal Cherrye interviews fellow expat Tina Ferrari, who recently moved from Perugia to Puglia – and talks about why she loves the region she now calls home.

  • Euro touches four-year low against dollar

    Americans thinking of a trip to Italy and elsewhere in Europe are being even more tempted lately – and with good reason – by the exchange rate having swung so far toward those holding US dollars. (via @MyMelange on Twitter)